Understand The Importance Of Achieving Good Scores In The MCAT

What Are Competitive MCAT Scores and How Can You Achieve Them?

MCAT is the most important exam you will take up if you want to join a medical school. Only with a good score can you join a good medical school!

Scoring in MCAT 

The MCAT test has 4 sections. The first three are multiple choice questions. Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences and Verbal Reasoning are the subjects of these 3 sections. The last section is a writing section. Here you need to write an essay. The first three sections are scored according to the number of correct answers. This score is called the raw score. The raw score is later converted to the graded score. Each section is graded from 1 to 15, 1 being the lowest and 15 the highest. Each essay in the Writing Section is scored from 1 to 6 and then the score is graded from J to T alphabetically, J being the lowest and T being the highest. The final score is given as a sum total of the three individual scores. The writing section grade is added along side it. You will get a score of 35S if your individual scores are 11, 12 and 13 and the writing section grade is an S. The writing section grade is not as important as the other sections' scores. But if you get a very bad or a very good grade in the writing section then it can change your chances of admission into a medical school.

Competitive MCAT Scores

Competitive scores are those scores which will help you get into a medical school. 24 is the national average score of the MCAT test. The average score of serious applicants (those who apply to medical schools) moves up by 3 points and is at 27. An average score of 30 will get you admission into a medical school.

Depending on your choice of medical schools the minimum score requirements will differ. If you are ready to join any medical school, a score of 30 with an average GPA and application will be competitive enough. But if you want to join a top 10 medical school then only a 35+ MCAT score will be competitive. You will be in the top 2% of the score rankings if you score a 34+.

Achieving a Competitive MCAT Score

For achieving reasonably good scores in the examination,  thorough preparation is of vital importance. A minimum of 3 months' study has to be put in exclusively for MCAT preparation. You have to be sincere in preparation. Some coaching companies guarantee a score increase if you take up their course. Competitive test scores cannot be achieved by just joining these courses. Only hard work can take your score to the competitive  scores category.

An in-depth knowledge is the subject will help you get a good score. Along with a sound knowledge you have to be able to do the test well to get a high score. For this you have to practice a lot of mock  tests. If you take 1 test per week for 12 weeks then your preparation will be good enough to get you to the average scores range.

A thorough review and analysis of the practice tests will help you get a better score. The most important factor, after you have done all the preparation, is to stay calm and be stress free when you sit for the exam. A calm and relaxed mind will be able to work better than a stressed mind. If your mind is stressed and you are unable to do well in the test, all your months of preparation will go waste. So a good preparation with a relaxed mind will help you get a competitive test score.