Canadian MCAT

When and Where Can You Take the MCAT in Canada?

MCAT is available approximately 22 times in a year at various Prometric testing centers available across Canada. A suitable test date and test center can be selected from the available list. All the information concerning this test can be obtained from the official website The site provides with details of test dates, test centers, registration deadlines, score release dates etc.

Most Canadian medical schools insist that the candidates take the MCAT. Even though, some universities do not consider this test for admissions. The candidate needs to complete an under graduate course, usually in a subject related to biological science for admission to Canadian medical schools. Most Canadian medical schools offer a 4-year course, the initial years of the course are spend in gaining knowledge about general topics like, anatomy, physiology, genetics etc. The teaching methods include lectures, laboratory based practical's, interaction with simulated patients etc. The introductory lessons are followed by clerkship, where the candidate is required to interact with the patients. The candidate is required to handle the day to day life of a patient. During this session a candidate is allowed to take part in different studies like, obstetrics and gynecology, surgery, family medicine, pediatrics etc. Special training is made available for a particular field, in which the candidate is interested during the resident training period. The work schedules of Canadian resident doctors do not follow a fixed guideline compared to their colleagues in the United States.

When and Where Can You Take the MCAT in Canada?

MCAT Test centers are available in
  • Alberta at Calgary and Edmonton
  • Saskatchewan
  • Ontario at Ottawa, Toronto, London
  • British Columbia at Burnaby, Victoria
  • Manitoba at Winnipeg
  • Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Nova Scotia
  • Quebec

The list of test centers is available at MCAT Scheduling and Registration system of AAMC. You can login with the username and password with which you have registered at AAMC. The address of the various test centers is available at the following link: .

Canada consists of many medical schools like, University of Alberta, University of Calgary, University of British Columbia, University of Ottawa etc. In Canada, most medical schools offer a 4-year Doctor of Medicine degree and a 2-year Physician Assistant degree. Some schools provide a 3-year course also. Since most of the candidates already have a degree before joining the medical school, in Canada, getting an M.D. is considered as an undergraduate degree. There are about 17 M.D. schools in Canada, of which 14 schools have English as medium of instruction, 3 have French as medium of instruction (Laval, Montreal, Sherbrooke) and 1 school follows the bilingual method (Ottawa).

Most Canadian medical schools consider the MCAT scores, GPA scores, your extracurricular activities, experiences in the health field, letters of reference etc. for giving admissions. Even though each school has a different admission criterion, a GPA score of 3-4 and scoring above 80% in the MCAT can guarantee a seat in the Canadian medical school.

It provides you with the opportunity to pursue further research in your relevant field of medical interest. The Canadian medical association (CMA), AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) and AMA (American Medical Association) jointly or separately accredits Canadian medical schools. Taking MCAT in Canada is similar to other MCATs; the only difference is in the functioning of the Canadian medical schools.