Essential Features Of The Ideal MCAT Preparatory Book

How to Select the Best MCAT Book for Yourself?

MCAT Books

Are you going to take the MCAT soon? If yes, then you need to make sure that you are well-prepared for the test so that you will be able to get a high score. There are different ways to study for this test. You can choose to attend a preparatory course or you can choose to buy the best MCAT book for this purpose. You need to be aware that not all the books that are sold in the market are good. If you are spending money to buy a book, you should make sure that you do some research so that you can get the best one available.

Tips to Select the Best MCAT Book

  • First of all, you should carry out some homework to find out about the best book for MCAT that is sold in the market. The internet is a great place to look for information in this regard as you can sit in the comfort of your own home and then look for potential books. There are some sites that contain reviews of the books and these reviews are written by candidates who have actually bought the MCAT books.
  • Do you know anyone who has taken this test in the past? If you have, then you can always ask this person for tips and suggestions. If he has bought a book for preparation, you can always ask him which book is the best for the preparation of MCAT. This way, you can buy one that will help you.
  • When it comes to choosing the best book, you will find that getting one from well-known publishers is always a wise choice because these companies have been around for a long time and they know a lot about this test. Experts in MCAT create the books in such a way that after referring to the same, the candidates will be able to understand the test well and get a high score. Some of the well-known publishers are The Princeton Review and Kaplan. You can consider checking out the books published by them so that you can find the book as per your requirements.
  • You can also join online forums where people are talking about this test. Here, you will come across the names of some of the good books that you can consider getting to study for the test.

Review of MCAT Books

  • Cracking the MCAT by The Princeton Review, 2011-2012 Edition: If you are looking for a book that will assess your knowledge on the basics of Biological and Physical Sciences, then this is the best book for you. When you buy it, you will have access to four complete practice tests online. It provides an in-depth coverage of all the test subjects.
  • Kaplan MCAT Practice Tests: This is the best book for you if you are looking for a book with practice tests. In fact, this is the only guide you will find available that has updated tests and contents. The practice tests will be a reflection of what the candidates can expect in the actual test.
  • MCAT Physics and Math Review by The Princeton Review: This book comes with full-color diagrams and illustrations. It will not just test your knowledge on the scientific principles and concepts but it will also assess your critical thinking skills. The practice passages and questions are in MCAT style so that you will be able to have a clear idea about the test format.

Buying the Books...

When you have decided to buy a specific book, you have two options. You can choose to visit the local bookstore and get it or you can buy it from one of the online stores. It will be a better idea to buy the book online as the same will be shipped to your postal address. Of course, if you would prefer to shop for it locally because it is what you like doing, you can do that too.

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