Choosing Good MCAT Preparatory Books

Best MCAT Books for Comprehensive Study

MCAT is a standardized medical entrance test clearing which you can pursue your medical course at universities situated across the USA or Canada. The MCAT is a test that assesses your ability to critically analyze the given questions and logically interpret data. It also tests your writing skills in addition to your knowledge in the medical stream, which mostly includes Biological studies. The test consists of four sections in all that test your abilities that are very essential for you to succeed as a good doctor in future. The four sections of the test include the Physical Sciences, the Verbal Reasoning, the Writing Sample and the Biological Sciences sections. In order to perform well in this lengthy test, you must follow books that can help you master all the sections of the MCAT.

Best MCAT Books for Comprehensive Study

There are many guides that claim to be the best books available. It is customary that many students prefer books that are advised but it would be better if you would choose the books that can satisfy your requirements. There will be students who require extensive explanation of the concepts and their application while there would be students who rely more upon practice for a better performance. So, it evidently depends upon the candidate to choose the books that can help them perform better following their style of preparation. However, some of best books that are available currently are published by the world's renowned companies. Some of the books that are highly regarded by students from all over the world include Kaplan Comprehensive, Nova Series, ExamKrackers, and AAMC Practice Tests etc. These are some of the books preferred highly by students. However, many students choose to buy two or may be three study guides. This is because a single study guide cannot deliver study support all the sections perfectly. Listed below are reviews of the best books. Choose from them or follow the explanations in order to review a book personally for yourself.

Kaplan Comprehensive

Kaplan is undoubtedly the global leader in providing students with various examination preparatory books and for MCAT; two of Kaplan's study guides are considered the best books, Kaplan Comprehensive and Kaplan Workbook. Kaplan Comprehensive is a fully comprehensive study guide that provides you with all the necessary explanations pertaining to all the four sections of the MCAT and helps you gain confidence throughout the test paper. However, this book does not come with many exercises to make your practice sessions rigorous. That's where Kaplan Workbook steps in. You will have to buy both these books separately. Hence, choose a book based upon what you really need.

AAMC Practice Tests

AAMC Practice Tests is a book that must not be ignored. In fact, if you are very serious about the exam, then this is a must-buy. The book is full of original previous test papers of MCAT. This book is pretty expensive but is sure worth it. To understand the original test paper and question models, this book is the best one. You can gain confidence in solving the original test questions. Confirm that the book is original before you buy it because there are many books duplicated in the market that might not give you true explanations.

Nova Series

The Nova Series of MCAT books are also highly preferred among the student circles. In fact, these books are widely famous for their mastery in Physical Sciences. If you want to get a good grip on the Physical Sciences (PS) section, then this book is truly for you. Although other sections are also explained better, the PS section is much more stressed and concentrated.

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