Average MCAT Scores

Med School Options with Average MCAT Scores

Different medical schools preset their own minimum score requirement, to be fulfilled by the test-takers, with regard to the MCAT. The med schools expect a minimum score from you to join their medical program. Some med schools set the minimum MCAT score to be below the average scores. Some require just a test score that falls within the average score range, whereas others require an above average score. A few of the prestigious and top level medical schools expect a very high MCAT score. A general idea of the medical school options with average scores is given below in this article:

Medical Schools for MCAT Scores below 27

If your average score is below 27, it is not a good score for getting admission into most of the competitive medical schools. But still, it is possible to get it if you have applied to those medical schools that accept an average score below 27. You have chances to get into medical schools like Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, NYCOM, UAB, UCON, and Drexel University College of Medicine. Before applying for a medical program, try to get the list of medical schools that accept your score.

Medical Schools for MCAT Scores of 27 to 30

If your score is 27 or 28, you can apply to the same medical schools as mentioned in the above paragraph. If your score is 29 or more, you can apply to medical schools like University of Connecticut School of Medicine. If you have a score of 30, you will be lucky enough to apply for most of the competitive medical schools.

Medical Schools for MCAT Scores of 30 to 33

Scores that lie between 30 and 33 are very good scores giving you a better scope for entering into almost all of the competitive schools as well as few of the top medical schools. A score of 30 or 31 will be fine for the University of Florida College of Medicine.

Medical Schools for MCAT Scores of 34 to 36

Test scores of 34 to 36 are excellent above average that will definitely give you appreciation as well as opportunity for a medical course in most of the top medical schools. If you have such an admirable score, you can be sure to join one of the best medical schools such as Duke University, Standford University, University of California, and Yale University. Some of the most prestigious medical schools expect an MCAT score of more than 36.

Medical Schools for MCAT Scores above 36

Test scores above 36 are outstanding and exceptional. Such scores will definitely help you in getting admission into one of the highly prestigious medical schools of Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, John Hopkins University and Washington University in St. Louis.

The average scores for most of the competitive medical schools are between 27 and 32. The average scores for most of the top medical schools will be around 34 to 36 or even more. The average scores for each medical school may vary from year to year. For exact details about the average scores of all the medical schools in the US and Canada, you can refer to the MCAT Test Scores, by clicking on the following link: www.mcattestscores.com/.Though your test scores matter a lot in getting admission into a medical school, it is definitely not the only factor considered by the admission selection committees. Your college grades, research or work experience, personal interview score, and personal qualifications are also considered. If you have a good college grade, try to get the best possible MCAT score and perform well in the personal interview.

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