MCAT Test Preparation

The MCAT test is called the Mother of All Entrance Exams. It is a test to access the critical thinking capacity of a student. Always start preparing months before the test. This is not an east test and hence need vigorous preparation to successfully complete the test. Last minute shuffles will only confuse you more. So be prepared in advance. Eat well, sleep well and don't panic a day before the test.

Make sure you answer all the questions because there is no negative marking for guessing the answers. Don't spend too much time on an unknown answer. You can keep it aside for answering it later. Don't go by others comments. Some people shout out their hearts if they have done the test good or bad. Go according to what you have prepared. Never over study, don't stick to your book in the recess. Calm yourself down with a good lunch.

Read the questions thoroughly before answering them. Leaving even a single word can make a very big difference. Usually words that are in bold print, italics and CAPS have some important message so read such words carefully. Try to complete the questions that you know first. Rather than wasting time on the unknown ones. Try giving yourself mock tests with the time limits. This will help you in the real exam. Prepare for the exam with good resources like books from AAMC: MCAT Student Manual, Practice Items, and Practice Tests II, III and IV. Online books also can be found.

Try working out the Verbal Reasoning section in the morning. This can help you out in the actual test because you have to answer the Verbal Reasoning section in the morning only. When you meet your friends at the exam center make sure you don't discuss the preparation. This will only confuse you though. Relax as much as possible and try to keep yourself calm a few days before the test. A positive attitude is very important. Try changing your attitude to be a positive one and see how it can work wonders for you.

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