MCAT Test Fees

In order to take the MCAT test the test fee in the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, or the Virgin Islands is $175. The Sunday test registration has an additional $10 and that adds up to $185. For international registrations it works up to $235. Payments can be done using the Credit cards, Cheque's, Cashiers Cheque or money orders payable in the U.S drawn on any bank in the U.S. Only MasterCard and VISA are accepted. Payments pertaining to banks other than U.S will be duly returned along with the registration material. For late registrations a penalty of $50 must be submitted along with the registration materials. This amount is non-refundable. The registration fee is collected in order to process the registration, scoring the papers and to report the same. On request the scores will automatically pass on to the AAMC and all AMCAS authorized schools. Also the scores will be published to:

Six non-members of the AMCAS.

Undergraduate health profession advisors

AMCAS score release Service and

Medical Minority Applicant Registry

By no way can a candidate get a refund of the fees he has paid. He can get a partial refund if don't happen to attend the test on the prescribed date.

The scores of the candidates will be withheld if the cheque issued proves to be an invalid one of if there is any discrepancy in the Credit card number given. Until the paid up test scores are out without any such above mentioned problems, one cannot appear for another test.

A student whose family income is $5000 or less can get a fee wavier. He must duly fill up the financial aid form. It takes about a week for the financial aid to be approved. A letter that a grant has been issued will be given to all schools.

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