MCAT Registration

Candidates who are applying to medical schools for further studies have to take a standardization test called the MCAT test. All medical professional courses like allopathic, osteopathic, pediatric, and/or veterinary medicine require the scores from this test. A statement with an intention of the candidate to apply for the medical institutions must be signed duly.

Registration for MCAT can only be done online. The student can register online through by using the web site The students must hold a valid a credit card to pay up for the test. It is better the student registers as early as possible to ensure choice of testing center. Online registration should be done 12 weeks prior the actual date of the test. There are about 600 testing centers for this test. These test centers are spread across the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and Canada. The registration dates will be announced in the online test page. In order to register for a testing center outside of North America the student must visit the International Registration page. For any queries relating to the paper and pencil MCAT test the students can either call (319) 337-1357 or e-mail

Not only in the U.S and Canada are the MCAT tests conducted. 13 international locations host this test every year. Only in places like Newcastle, Doha, Beirut and Singapore the typical paper and pencil format is used. In all other international locations only computer based testing methods are used.

MCAT test Registrations for a Sunday

The MCAT test is conducted on a Saturday usually. But just in case the candidate is not able to take the test on a Saturday the candidate can request for a Sunday testing. The candidate has to submit the registration papers, a written request stating the reasons for not taking the test on a Saturday and an additional fee of $10 in addition to the regular fees. The late registration rules are the same for both Saturday and Sunday are the same. Only difference being that a non-refundable fee of $50 is submitted for Sunday registrations that have crossed the deadline.

MCAT test late registrations

In case of late registrations it is better to send the details through certified courier service or express mail. The choice of test center for the MCAT test is limited. International test center requests will not be encouraged during the late registrations.

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