Medical College Admission Test: MCAT

Medical college admission test MCAT Test Sections

The MCAT test is a test to check on the students proficiency on the basic scientific tenets, thinking capabilities and basic writing skills. This test has four sections of Verbal Reasoning, Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences and Writing Sample.

In the Verbal reasoning section, multiple choice questions are framed based on passages given. Generally there are 9 passages that are about half a page long. The questions asked in the multiple choices are based solely on the passages only. Each passage has about seven questions each and it works out to a total of 65 questions in all.

Again in the Physical and the Biological Science sections the questions are multiple choice questions again. The questions framed are based on medical facts and questions to test the ability of a person to check his medical capability. A passage with a biological or chemical concept is given and questions are framed out of this passage.

In the Biological Sciences section, the questions are not the regular type. They need the student to work out on complex concepts and solve the problems. Only practice of solving such similar problems can help the student in doing such problems in the test. There are two sub sections of Organic Chemistry and Biology in this section.

Organic Chemistry- The student needs to expertise in doing real experiments. Not just the knowledge of how to do them but the practical method of how to do these experiments is necessary.

Biology - All the topics relating to human physiology are to be known by the student to master this section. So working hard on the human physiology section in your biology book is more important.

Like the Biological sciences the Physical sciences section is also divided in to two sub-sections of Physics and Chemistry.

The student needs to be thorough in the periodic table to cover this section. The basic working pattern of variables at least should be known by the student.

Writing Sample Section

In this section, the student has to give explanations as to why the incident in the essay given was agreed upon or disagreed upon. Two essays will be given for which citations have to be given. This section is an analysis to check the reasoning strength of a student.

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