AAMC MCAT Application Procedure

Admission to all medical schools in the U.S requires scores from the MCAT test. This is test based on the knowledge of the student gained in his medical classes. At least one year of study in Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, all labs and English is compulsory. The registration for the test can be done online or on a paper application issued by AMCAS. The application available on the net is IBM compatible and not MAC compatible. It is better to use the online application so that editing becomes easier as you fill up the form. When you apply online your registration reaches 90% of medical schools except for a few medical schools like the ones in Texas.

Per application cost for each school is $35 and a minimum of 10 schools should be applied. The student can apply up to 20 schools also if desired. Every school that is applied to will issue an additional application called the Secondary Application. A charge of $50 to $100 will be taken as processing fee for secondary application. A discount also is given if you apply to more than 10 schools. The fee for the first 10 schools is waived. The fee for the remaining schools is charged. Many medical schools do wavier the secondary application fees sometimes. All these discounts are purely based on the genuine family income reasons that are applied for much before the test. In order to receive the Secondary, the student must apply to the AMCAS as early as possible. Once you get the Second aries apply them as soon as possible to avoid a total delay. Make sure you send the transcripts to the AMCS without any waste of time. The details that the student has to furnish up with while filling up the AMCAS application form is as follows

Name, D.O.B, names of parents, etc
Schools attended with copies of grades received
List of your extracurricular activities
List of awards, honors, etc received by the candidate A single spaced, page long personal statement
The medical school which the application is for

Letters of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation should be submitted while applying to a medical school. This letter must be given by the premedical committee at the undergraduate school studied by the applied candidate. Three individual recommendations must be given and two of them from the science faculty preferably. Letters given by any parent are not eligible. Not only the faculty, the supervisor or any higher authority where the student has completed his undergraduate studies is eligible to issue a letter of recommendation.

Personal Statement

The personal statement talks about the students mind clearly. A clearly written statement can make way for easy admission. Make sure you check your statement well before you submit. Samples of personal statements can be viewed at Medical School Admissions: The Insider's Guide by John Zebala, et al. Never copy these letters as it may lead to plagiarism. You can also check of many online web sites for help.

The only university that does not require the test's scores is the Texas A & M University. Students who come from areas of Texas with a shortage of medical services can become part of the Partnership for Primary Care Program. If the student agrees to work in under served areas after graduation there is a wavier of the test.

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