What is a Good LSAT Score?

For any LSAT aspirant it is very important to know what a good LSAT score is. This can guide about your planning your preparation for the exam. The LSAT is scored on the scale of 120 to 180. These scores are calculated using a score conversion chart. Also, the LSAT scores are calculated taking into account the total number of candidates who have appeared during the last three years. The official organizers of the test have the mechanism to know as to how the past students would have scored in the current test. So, when you take the LSAT you are actually competing with a large number of candidates. This way your LSAT scores can be valid for over three years and it facilitates the LSAT organizers to compare your scores with those of other candidates. From the data available, it is seen that most of the candidates score in the range of 140 to 160. An average LSAT score is 150. So, anything above 160 is what is called a good LSAT score.

What is the Significance of a Good LSAT Score?

A good LSAT score is a relative term. It depends on which law school you wish to join. If you aim for one of the top law schools then you should plan to get real high scores. However there are a lot of law schools available for you to join. Therefore, every school has its own standards about a good LSAT score. Even if you get average or above average scores then you can surely think of getting admission to one of the law schools.
From the law schools point of view, an LSAT score is the only measure of your abilities to cope up with the law program and complete it successfully. No school would want their students to lack behind in understanding or studies. It reflects on their reputation as well. Moreover, the candidates who apply for these schools come from varied socioeconomic backgrounds and different undergraduate curriculums. The GPA of these students can not be compared with one another. Therefore, it is but natural for you to know what a good LSAT score is for your dream school.
From the students point of view, knowledge of a good LSAT score can be beneficial in many ways. Apart from getting an admission to your dream school, it is also a confidence booster. You can enter a law school with pride and look forward to completing your law studies with great zeal.

Information on Good LSAT Score

There are various web sites that offer information about the expected LSAT scores for various law schools. You can even access the web sites of the law schools for the first hand information. The official web site of LSAC, www.lsac.org also hosts information about the acceptance range of LSAT scores. A lot of law magazines provide information in this regard. There are a lot of discussion forums available on the internet where you can get the feedbacks about LSAT scores.

How to Achieve A Good LSAT Score

Once you have understood what a good LSAT score is, you can plan your studies accordingly. There are various courses and study guides available for you to prepare for the LSAT. You must have at least two months for preparations. There are a lot of web sites that offer you free study materials. You can download them and start studying. Practice is the most important part of your preparation. You must practice solving sample question papers in actual time constraints. Adequate study materials, lot of practice and a practical dream score are the three ingredients for success at LSAT.

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