Tricks of the LSAT

LSAT is an important exam that is required to be cleared to get admission in law courses in most universities of US and Canada. LSAT is a registered mark of the Law School Admission Council or LSAC, which is the conducting organization. LSAT is an exam to test your ability to understand the organization and management of information and the ability to draw reasonable conclusions from it. It also tests your ability to think critically, analyze and evaluate the reasoning and arguments of other people. The score in LSAT is used as one of the factors by the law schools in United States and Canada for admission to their schools.

You need to score high marks to get admission in college of your choice. You definitely need to study very hard and score good marks. Since this exam requires you to answer lots of questions in a short span of time, sometimes only studies may not be sufficient to do well in the exam. Apart from your studies, you need to learn the tricks of the LSAT to help you to compete. There are various web sites and online tutorials that discuss the tricks of the LSAT in detail. As LSAT is important for your future, you have to prepare well in advance for the test. Good tricks of the LSAT will help you to get through the test and to get good scores in the test. There are many methods of preparation for LSAT like books, coaching institutes, online preparation classes or preparation software. Most of these preparation materials explain in detail about the tricks of the LSAT to score high in the exam. These tricks of the LSAT help you to gain a lot of confidence before the test.

Tricks to the LSAT

The most important trick to the LSAT is that before preparing for such a vital test, you should familiarize yourself with the test format of the exam. LSAT consists of four sections namely reading, analytical, logical reasoning and writing sample. The questions in different sections need a different skill and reasoning to solve. In the following paragraphs we have tried to explain some tricks to the LSAT to handle various sections in a tactful manner to get high marks.

Trick to the LSAT: Reading Comprehension

In this section a good understanding of English language along with a good vocabulary is required. You should be able to read the passage, comprehend the contents and answer the questions in a short span of time. The first trick of the LSAT is to increase your vocabulary. A rich vocabulary and regular practice will help you improve your score. Another trick of the LSAT is to read all the answer choices carefully as it is possible that nothing is incorrect and you have to select the best answer. Although there are very few (less than ten) questions in this section, but they are tricky questions that require that you should read the passage very carefully.

Trick to the LSAT: Analytical Reasoning

The Analytical Reasoning section consists of a series of puzzles and diagrams designed to test how you think. The only trick of the LSAT for this section is to practice a lot of such questions and increase your speed to analyze in the shortest time possible. Regular practice coupled with self-analysis and followed by corrective steps will not only reduce the error rate but also increase your speed considerably.

Trick to the LSAT: Logical Reasoning (Two Sections)

The Logical Reasoning section measures your ability to draw reasonable deductions from the organization and management of information. There are two such sections. It has questions based on short statements containing information. The trick of the LSAT is to maintain your cool and think calmly while attempting the paper. There are usually about 25 questions in this section. This is a useful skill for future lawyers, and a student who scores low in this section should appear again for the exam as low scores in this section may reduce their chances of getting into a good law school.

Trick to the LSAT: Writing Sample (Not marked)

This section is not scored by LSAC. In this section you are given a topic with two choices and you have to choose one and then give arguments in favor of one against the other. Like in the reading comprehension section, this section requires a good vocabulary for you to do well. In this section you are given 30 minutes before you leave to write a sample. You write on whatever subject you are given, and although this portion of your test is not scored, it is sent along with the rest of your test results to colleges that you apply to as a sample of your writing ability, so you should take this section seriously.

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