TestMasters LSAT Review

Salient Features of TestMasters LSAT Review

Why TestMasters?

If you are planning to enroll in the TestMasters course you may want all the information about what they offer and what are the test prep options available. Most importantly whether it is the right test prep tool designed for your needs or not.

TestMasters in a Nutshell

  • The course author; Robin Singh is known to have a record of attaining the best known percentiles for LSAT consistently. So we don't have someone who preaches without practicing. He is the owner of TestMasters and has been successfully conducting the prep institute since 1991.
  • A study of TestMasters LSAT review courses brings out that they have the best course materials among the popular LSAT test prep courses in the world. Their course materials are a product of extensive research and their academic specialists leave no stone unturned to deliver the best LSAT advantage to their students.
  • The teachers who are employed by TestMasters go through rigorous training and themselves are 99 percentile holders in LSAT. The instructors go through an extensive screening process post which they are selected. All the instructors are rich in experience; a factor significant for TestMasters LSAT review courses.
  • You will find various testimonials on their official website by students. Additionally, an extensive survey of TestMasters LSAT review courses reveals that even though students may approach them with various scores in the beginning but they are sure to show a steep improvement in their LSAT scores from the time they enroll to the time they take the LSAT.

LSAT Test Prep Options

  • Live Course: The Live Course at TestMasters is a very convenient way to prepare for LSAT. They have an 80 hour classroom session along with 4 proctored LSAT exams which are coupled with a list of really helpful online resources to help the students with their preparation. The students can also avail the facility of a live helpline in the form of an instructor who is available at all times for the students should they need any help.
  • TestMasters Online: This is a good option for those who cannot avail live instructions for LSAT. The online program for LSAT includes a video instruction from Robin Singh. You can also avail telephonic tutoring from your TestMaster instructor who will help you with your lessons in a step-by-step manner. A report on this TestMasters LSAT review course reveals that students who have enrolled for the online courses of TestMasters have seen a marked increase in their LSAT scores.
  • Weekend Sessions: Students with lesser time for preparation prefer to enroll for the weekend course which is like a crash course but with much more effectiveness. Students are taught how to imbibe the concepts in less time in order to be able to score well in LSAT. This intensive 2-day program brings the highlights of the fundamental concepts of LSAT and presents the strategies which have proven to be of great help to students who have enrolled for this course in the past.
  • Private Tutoring: This is your chance to work one-on-one with your instructor so as to help him diagnose a tailor-made curriculum for you. TestMasters private tutoring is designed to bring a better interface between the instructors and the students.

Hope the above points have been helpful and will help you in making your choice for the right LSAT test prep course with TestMasters. Having a complete understanding of TestMasters LSAT review courses is very important.

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