TestMasters LSAT Prep

Prep Options for LSAT from TestMasters

TestMasters is a company that was started in 1991 to help students appearing for the LSAT, prepare for the test. TestMasters LSAT prep is a well known LSAT preparatory course that has over the years assisted many students in understanding the requirements of the test.

The various course options from TestMasters LSAT prep segment are:

  1. In-house full-time /live courses
  2. Online courses
  3. Private tutoring for LSAT
  4. Admissions counselling

1. Full-time courses: The fulltime TestMasters LSAT prep courses are for students who have a dedicated amount of time to prepare for the test. The course structure is very extensive and it covers all sections of the LSAT. The TestMasters LSAT prep course provides students with books and references that are very helpful in preparing for the LSAT. The teachers of the courses have all cleared the LSAT with a high percentile and therefore add a lot of credibility to the course. These live classes are held worldwide (almost 100 cities) and are increasing as we speak. TestMasters LSAT prep undertakes review lessons and prep-tests that are from real LSAT question papers of the past years. Almost 7000 question sets are available with the company. It is a good course for a thorough preparation of the LSAT.

2. Online Courses: The online courses work as a replacement for missed in- house classes and are also undertaken for students who choose to study over the Internet than in the classrooms. The foundations of the online course are the same as the live course but, the telephonic courses that are included in the online course package are a great add-on to the TestMasters LSAT prep online courses. The students can make their own schedule in the online courses which is a great plus point.

3. Private tutoring: TestMasters LSAT prep has a private tutoring course also. The students can take up tutoring via the phone, personally or online. Diagnostics are done by every tutor to understand what exactly are the student's needs and then the course is taken further. Courses have an hourly structure ranging from 10 hours to an unlimited number of hours. Teaching time-management techniques is also part of the course curriculum which can be very helpful to most students. Students can customise their course schedules according to the time and place convenient for them. If you are uncomfortable having someone around when you are studying and just need someone to help you when you need help, then the telephonic tutoring will be best for you. It is also for people who are travelling and yet want to prepare for the LSAT. LSAT private tutoring through phone can help you prepare for the LSAT without having to think about infrastructural needs.

4. Admissions counselling: Ever thought, what after the LSAT? It seems preparing for the LSAT is not enough. You have to prepare for admissions also. The TestMasters LSAT prep options entail offering admissions counselling to students also. The counselling can be private or general. General counselling includes tips to help students during the process of admissions. It gives guidelines and information regarding the admission processes of various law schools. Private counselling is customised as per student requirements. You can tell the counsellors what exactly you are looking for in your future law school, you can define you aims and goals and the counsellor will help you choose the best school for you and help you with its applications for admissions.

The official website of the company www.testmasters.net will give you all the details about its various course options and prices. You can customise your package based on your requirements and preparedness and then go ahead and take a TestMasters LSAT prep course if you want.

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