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How Is Testmaster Different From Other Prep Courses for LSAT?

LSAT is a tough exam and you will have to face a stiff competition in the process of this examination. The test consists of five sections in all and three of the sections will account for your total composite score. The test is scored based upon raw scores obtained, which is nothing but the number of correctly attempted questions. The scores are evaluated on a scale of 120 to 180 by a process called as Equating. The average LSAT scores typically lie between 145 and 155. A score above 170 is regarded as an exceptionally high score and with that figure; you can secure admission in the top-notch law schools. But for you to achieve such high scores, you will require a good training. A rigorous curriculum that can help you improve every skill required for the examination is a must for you to achieve such exceptionally high scores. There are many LSAT prep institutes that help students realise their dream of achieving a high score, but you must choose the one that is convenient to you aside from satisfying your requirements. One such competitive LSAT prep institute is the TestMaster LSAT.

TestMasters LSAT

TestMaster LSAT is one of the leading prep providers for various competitive exams like the LSAT, GRE, GMAT, SAT, ACT etc. But they boast of being experts especially for the LSAT test. They claim that the LSAT course author and the founder of the TestMaster LSAT, Robin Singh is the living testimony for the fact that they are the best for LSAT prep. Robin Singh is claimed to be holding the Guinness record for scoring 11 perfect LSAT scores, flat 180. Robin Singh was a tutor at Kaplan before he founded the TestMaster LSAT. He founded the TestMasters LSAT in order to provide LSAT aspirants with new strategic techniques designed by him, which are very useful for you to score high in the LSAT. You can visit the following link to see the scores' record of Robin Singh.


Today, TestMasters claims to be in the number two slot in the competition of prep providers for LSAT in the world.

TestMasters LSAT Course Review

The confidence and the pride of the TestMaster LSAT course lie in the strength of their course structure, faculty and curriculum. The course at TestMaster LSAT is very rigorous and will leave you with a great confidence of performing well in the exam. Every essential pertaining to the exam is taken care of well and is focused upon to make it easily understandable for the students thereby helping them to get the concepts right.

The course materials at the TestMaster LSAT are their next biggest asset. The basic course material consists of five volumes with fully comprehensive explanations of the concepts to full length diagnostic test for practice. Furthermore, you have some extra learning sources like the video explanations from lecturers for you to have a review of any particular topic, written explanations for each question for a better understanding, diagnostic scoring feature to help you understand what your scores really mean. The diagnostic scoring is very helpful as you will clearly know in which key areas to focus to improve your scores. Also, there is an LSAT search engine through which you can locate any question or review within a fraction of seconds. The faculty here are very dedicated and have plenty of expertise in training students for LSAT. Refer to the following link to know more about the faculty:


How Must You Decide?

You might also refer to the official website of the TestMasters LSAT to know more about the course highlights. Refer to the following link:


The course here is very useful and is designed to empower you in every possible way that is must for your success for LSAT. So, discuss with your parents and friends and decide your step.

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