Law School Admission Test

All students who are aspiring to take admission in law courses in colleges in United States and Canada should be taking the LSAT. LSAT or Law School Admission Test is the test that is conducted by LSAC which is an independent agency. LSAC or Law School Admission Council is the agency that not only conducts LSAT but also provides assistance to both colleges and students to facilitate the admission process. LSAT is conducted four times in a year so if you happen to be one of the students who are taking the LSAT or thinking of taking the LSAT, you should quickly gain as much information as possible about LSAT. You should also find out the date of the exam this year and the dates that suit you best and decide when you should take the LSAT.
When to take the LSAT? is an interesting question as many students are not able to decide the date to take the LSAT. Most law schools in United States and Canada have a variety of requirements that you should fulfill if you are taking the LSAT. They also require this information within a given time frame as they have deadlines that are mentioned in the information brochure. Therefore you should take various deadlines and requirements of these schools into consideration if you are taking the LSAT. You also should determine whether each law school in which you are interested will accept scores if you are taking the LSAT in February, which is the last test date in each admission cycle. The deadlines when the score should reach the schools and the time required for LSAC to report the score should help you to determine when you should take the LSAT. It is recommended that if you are applying for many schools you should use a detailed calendar that will remind you of various deadlines and also help you to calculate when you should appear for the LSAT.

Law School Admission Test: Registration

The first step if you are planning to take the LSAT is registration. You may register for the test online or by phone or by mail. During registration, you should deliberate on the choice of center and the date. The test center should be located at a place that is convenient to you for reaching. The change of center at a later stage may cause unnecessary botheration and extra charges if the change of center is done beyond the specified date.
LSAC also has a facility where students can register for another service called Law School Data Assembly Service or LSDAS. You should register for this service at the same time that you register for the test. This will simplify the entire registration procedure. LSDAS will compile your academic and biographical information, as well as your test score after you take the LSAT, for the law schools to which you apply. You should consider all the aspects while choosing a law school where you wish to apply. You may attend a Law School Forum to take the decision. It is pertinent to mention here that you can apply to more than one law school.

Law School Admission Test: Preparation

The second step of preparation should have actually started much before the registration for LSAT is done. Taking LSAT is not easy as this is a competitive exam. If you are taking LSAT then you should be prepared to work hard. There are a large number of ways to prepare for LSAT. While some students prefer to do self-study others join preparatory courses as part of there preparations for taking LSAT. You should be mentally prepared to take LSAT as this is a competitive examination and you are required to answer the questions in a short span of time. You should take a mock test as a part of your preparations to find out about your level of preparation. This test will also help you to identify your weaknesses and the areas which need improvement. Before taking LSAT, you should make sure that you have read the checklist provided by LSAT.

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