Study for LSAT

Prerequisites for LSAT Study

Before beginning what should be thorough preparation for the LSAT there are several things that a student should consider, some materials they should collect, and some important things to think about before they study for LSAT. While the undergraduate portion of a student's college career may or may not have been originally intended to lead to law school, it is assumed that if a student is thinking about taking the LSAT, he has also been taking courses throughout his undergraduate years to prepare. Law schools encourage a variety of subjects in order to prepare. These include Logic, Business Law, English, and American History. A student can study and gain the skill set and values that the American Bar Association and the Law School Admissions Council recommend through a variety of courses and subjects. These values, which include analytic and problem solving, critical reasoning and writing skills among others, will be important when students study for LSAT, when they enter law school and even when they practice law.

The Little Details

Before a student decides to study for LSAT he should think about when he wants to take the test. Planning on taking the test in February in January probably doesn't allow enough study time. Looking up the test centers in the area and signing up early insures that a student get the test center that is most convenient. Having to drive hours and hours to a test, especially in the winter months, isn't easy for a lot of people. After ascertaining every deadline and how much time there is to study for LSAT, a student should look up preparation classes. Which company has classes that are closest? Which company has the best class format-online, live or a private tutor? How much does it cost? These are a few of the important questions to consider before test preparation. If a student decides to study on his own, then he should find and buy the test preparation books that will help them. Students shouldn't just buy the first book they see. A certain company's book or materials may be more comprehensive or easier to understand for a certain student's learning style than those of others would. Look around and find the best material before committing the money to study materials.

Getting Ready for the Test

A pre-law advisor is also recommended to students. Pre law advisors can help with the LSAT, the law school application, and even help you in researching different law schools and scholarships that are available. This process, even before you start to study for LSAT, can be long, and requires a lot of research. A pre law advisor can guide a student through this process. Helpful resources to look at beforehand are,, and the U.S News and World Report Law School Ranking chart.

Studying Each Section of the LSAT

Students should be aware of the different test sections, what they will require, and the time limits. If a student studies the test without an awareness of the time limits, test day will not be easy and the score will suffer. Part of getting ready to study for a big test is finding out which sections will be more difficult, and which ones will not perhaps take as much effort. The different sections of the test, reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, and a writing sample should be thoroughly studied. The test measures organization and management of information, specifically organization and management of information, the ability of a student to draw reasonable inferences from texts, the analysis and evaluation of reasoning/arguments of others' arguments. The test also measures critical thinking and the reading comprehension of complex texts and a student's ability to give accurate insights.

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