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5 Things to Avoid to Get Perfect LSAT Score

To make a serious attempt to score perfect LSAT points is no doubt a big ambition on the part of a student. But if this is what you really want to do, and you are determined to put in the required hard work, then this article can give you useful tips on how to score perfect LSAT results.

The perfect LSAT score is very rare but it is possible, obviously, because people do achieve it. What kind of people score perfect LSAT points? Are they intelligent people? Yes. Are they geniuses? Yes, though not all of them. So what is the common factor of those who score perfect LSAT points? Hard work, the determination to do well in the test and optimism are the qualities needed for a person to do well in almost any exam. The LSAT is no exception to this rule.

What Is the Perfect LSAT Score?

The highest possible score in the LSAT is 180 (the lowest is 120), hence 180 is generally considered as the perfect LSAT score. Some people might consider the worth of LSAT scores in terms of percentiles. The 99th percentile for instance, will be considered a near perfect score. If you have scored in the 99th percentile, it means that only 1% of people scored higher than you. There may be another group of people for whom a perfect LSAT score is simply a score that gets them admitted to the law school of their choice. For most people, however, the perfect LSAT score is 180. Whatever be your reasons, if you have decided you want to score perfect LSAT points, here are some tips to help you to achieve that.

5 Things to Avoid to Get a Perfect LSAT Score:

  1. Learning only the easiest techniques.
    The LSAT is about speed. If you learn only those techniques which are simple for you to comprehend, you may be sacrificing the speed at which you attempt the questions. Instead, learn a faster (maybe tougher) method of dealing with a question. In order to learn special techniques, go to the experts. Take LSAT prep classes and read advanced LSAT books.

  2. Doing a few LSAT practice tests
    The LSAT is about endurance. A few LSAT practice tests are not going to push your score to the heights you are looking for. Train your mind to function at its best right till the end of the test. Do lots and lots of practice tests. They should simulate real LSATs as far as possible. Keep the same timings and similar breaks and do them in a room that is slightly noisy. The more familiar you are with actual LSAT conditions, the easier the actual test will be.

  3. Learning only to identify the right answers
    Strange as this might sound, you need to be able to identify the wrong answers (as well as the right ones), and very importantly, understand why they are wrong. This kind of knowledge will strengthen some of the basic skills you will need in order to get those final few precious points.

  4. Leaving aside the things that are too tough
    For a perfect score, you need a perfect prep. Check up on everything. Iron out every little problem.

  5. Not believing in yourself
    You may have the ability but it will do you no good if you do not believe in yourself. Keep a positive attitude and you will have a positive LSAT result.

With plenty of good, solid hard work and the determination to succeed, there is no reason why you should not be able to achieve your dream of a perfect LSAT score.

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