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Options of LSAT Prep from Princeton

LSAT test requires high level of preparation and motivation. Students prepare for the test either by themselves (self study) or enroll themselves in a course and prepare. Princeton LSAT helps both these groups.
For self study students they offer books which the students can use in their preparation. For those students interested in enrolling in a class, they basically have three options- Online course, live course and private tutoring.

Princeton Review-

The Princeton Review was founded in 1981 by a group of men and women who loved and enjoyed teaching. Their main aim is to help students achieve great heights through education. Princeton Review brings in the latest technology to impart education. They offer coaching for many of the completive exams.

Princeton LSAT-

Princeton Review offers one of the best LSAT coaching. One can choose from 9 different courses to prepare for the LSAT.
The main advantages of Princeton LSAT courses are that all the instructors have scored above the 98th percentile in real LSAT test and they offer many options for preparation.

Courses offered by Princeton Review

  • Tutoring Cram Packs
    This course is for the brushing up of the LSAT preparation for the February LSAT. It is a 3 hour course. The time, location can be chosen by the student and Princeton will offer the best coaching.

  • LSAT Tutoring
    For some learning with peers is not an easy task. They prefer to study alone. For them Private tutoring is ideal. Private tutoring is called LSAT tutoring at the Princeton Review. The course will be customized for the individual’s needs. The instructor’s whole concentration will be on the individual. The schedule can be chosen by the student.

  • Small group instruction
    In this course type the class size is four. As a result one gets a class room feel as well as individual attention. Extensive personal feedback is offered time to time. The course includes 40 hours of live instruction, 6 full-length practice tests. On demand recorded lessons of 35 hours duration is available to the enrolled students. All the LSAC questions with explanations are made available online to the students.

  • LSAT Hyperlearning
    Princeton Review claims that a dedicated LSAT Hyperlearning student shows an 8 point increase in the LSAT test from the diagnostic test. The program includes 84 hours of intensive live instruction. On demand recorded lessons of 35 hours duration, 6 full-length proctored LSATs, explanations to all LSAC released questions, phone and Email access to the instructor and 1800+ pages of study materials are the other salient features of this Princeton LSAT course.

  • Ultimate LSAT
    This course is similar to LSAT Hyperlearning but the number of instruction hours is 104 and a full review of practice tests 2-6 is done in class. This review helps the students to understand their mistakes and work towards avoiding these mistakes.

  • LSAT LiveOnline
    This is an online course. The students can stay at their own place and take up the course. Real-time online instruction of 55 hours duration is provided to the students by 2 expert LSAT instructors. Six full-length tests are given to the students and the tests are analyzed. Strict homework drills and reviews take place. Personalized feedback to the students with custom made home work assignments based on the test review is given to the students. Over 1800 pages of Princeton LSAT materials and 4 books-LSAT 101: Core Concepts,LSAT 201: Master the Approach,LSAT 301: Pacing and Refining,LSAT 401: Advanced Skills and diagnostic exams are provided to the students. To use during the LiveOnline classes, a headset is also given. Around the clock tech support is provided as well.

  • LSAT Online
    This online course offers 35 hours of recorded on demand lessons. 6 mock LSAT tests and all LSAT questions released by LSAC with explanations are available online.

  • LSAT Essentials
    35 hours each of live instruction and recorded on demand lessons are the main feature of this course. 4 mock LSATS are administered to the students. Study materials include 1800+ pages of Princeton LSAT material and all questions released by LSAC with explanations.

  • LSAT Essentials LiveOnline
    This course is the same as LSAT Essentials but instead of the 4 proctored tests in this course they offer 6 tests.

Princeton LSAT books-
Princeton Review has published many books for LSAT preparation.

  • Cracking the LSAT, 2012 Edition,
  • Cracking the LSAT with DVD, 2012 Edition,
  • LSAT Workout,
  • Law School Essays that Made a Difference, 4th Edition
  • LSAT Logic Games Workout,
  • Cracking the LSAT, 2012 Edition –e book
  • The Best 167 Law Schools, 2012 Edition

These books help the self study students to prepare well.
Princeton Review offers very good coaching for LSAT. Since it has many course types, a course that suits the individual best can be chosen.

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