Preparing for LSAT

Preparing for LSAT through Crash Courses

LSAT is held four times during a year in June, October, December and February. There are some law schools that require the students to take LSAT by December to facilitate admission in the following fall session. However, the students can choose to take this test earlier or later according to their convenience. The primary objective of each student should be to take this test once and excel. The admission committee considers the average score of all the LSAT examinations that you have taken, however good or bad they might be, and the test takers should ideally create an impression with their first scores.

LSAT consists of the following sections:

  • Analytical Reasoning

  • Logical Reasoning

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Writing

  • Variable Section

While the first three sections comprise multiple choice questions of 35 minutes each, in the Writing Section, the students are given a writing sample at the end of the test. The Variable Section is non-scoring and the placement of this section changes with every LSAT.

LSAT Preparation and Crash Courses

LSAT is a test that measures the skills and the competence of the students for tackling intricate arguments that are required during the course of legal procedures. Preparing for LSAT is necessary for the applicants of LSAT as it acquaints them with each section of the test and the questions that they can expect. Although, LSAT score is one aspect that is considered by the law schools during admission procedure, and there are no cut-off scores as such, scoring well in LSAT is significant for applying in top law schools. In other words, preparing for LSAT should be of prime importance for the students who want to get good scores for applying in top law schools. As far as crash courses are concerned, they are useful for students with busy schedule. The objective of a crash course is to offer maximum support to the LSAT applicants within a specified time with the help of excellent prep materials or classroom sessions as the students prefer. Let us explore some crash courses:

  • LSAT Summer Intensive is a crash course offered by Kaplan and administered for 6 weeks and 300 hours in a setting that is free of distraction. The course comprises 6 full length practice tests that are conducted under real conditions. It is an online course that is a suitable combination of classroom sessions, tutoring and small group workshops and offers wonderful tips in preparing for LSAT.
  • Tutoring Cram Packs offer 3 hours of tailor made solution for LSAT by Princeton Review, wherein each session is dedicated to the requirement of the students. The students are allowed to choose a class according to their preferences of in-person or web-based sessions that aid in preparing for LSAT.
  • The Weekend LSAT Course by PowerScore offers 16 lecture hours that are delivered over two weekends by expert instructors and very effective in preparing for LSAT.

How to Study for LSAT

Preparation for LSAT is significant and it can help you to achieve the desired scores in LSAT. While preparing for LSAT, you must keep the following things in mind:

  • It is necessary to understand the types of questions and follow them up with intense practice until the arrival of the test day. Each category is to be explored individually along with the strategies that can help you to get good scores.
  • You should try to implement what you have learned in preparation classes and self-study is important in this respect. In short, learning the strategies will not suffice until they are followed with sufficient practice.
  • LSAT is a comprehensive examination and you should begin your preparations early and not leave everything till the last moment.
  • The tactics of perfect timing or the sense of timing is another important aspect of preparation and the best way to get on with this is by taking practice tests.
  • Figuring the weaknesses and working on them is also vital for getting higher score in LSAT.
  • Lastly, a disciplined approach can make lots of difference as far preparing for LSAT is concerned.


You must proceed with their studies in a manner that will allow you to materialise all that you have learned from various resources and the crash courses will help you to assimilate your studies in the most appropriate manner.

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