PowerScore LSAT Review

Salient Features of PowerScore LSAT Review

The PowerScore LSAT Review is one of the most popular LSAT prep courses. The course material is well-designed and addresses LSAT preparation in a comprehensive and logical manner. The instructors who teach at the PowerScore LSAT Review undergo a rigorous selection process and have scored in the 99th percentile in an actual LSAT. The PowerScore LSAT Review consists of an impressive variety of courses including personal tutoring, online tutoring, classroom teaching, telephone tutoring, advanced coaching and other special LSAT services.

The PowerScore LSAT Review courses available are as follows:

  1. Personal Tutoring
    A personal tutor will provide you with individual attention and can effectively help you solve the difficulties you may experience during preparation for the LSAT. This type of LSAT prep will suit you if do not study well in a classroom setting and you find the company of others too distracting.

    PowerScore offers different tutoring packages to suit the different needs of its students. The options begin with the 5-hour personal tutoring course. It comes for $595. It includes the weekend course book. Tutoring courses of longer duration of 10, 20, 40 and 64 hours are also available. The 64-hour course is priced at $6750. It is meant for those of you who want private tutoring for the entire full-length course. It includes the full-length course book and access to PowerScore's Online Student Center.

    With each of these packages, you have the option of purchasing additional hours of tutoring at $100 to $130 per hour. If you feel you require fewer than 5 hours of personal tutoring, or you are unsure of how many hours you need, you can take the open-ended tutoring package at $150 an hour where you can purchase as many hours as you want.

  2. PowerScore Online Tutoring Courses
    The online tutoring courses are useful if you find it difficult to schedule regular classes or personal tutoring sessions. PowerScore uses 'Elluminate', it’s highly popular and efficient interface. It has interactive and visual capabilities that will provide you with an experience that closely simulates a real session with the instructor. A virtual whiteboard and instant messenger allow instant communication with the instructor. The packages start at $595 for the 5-hour course and go up to $2600 for 20 hours of online classes.

  3. Classroom Teaching
    PowerScore offers a full-length course, consisting of 64 hours of teaching and an additional 16 hours for practice LSAT tests. Each class includes homework assignments and drills and the instructor provides analyses of each student's performance. As a student, you will also receive all actual LSAT questions that are released by law services. Four course books are part of the package. This course is priced at $1295.

  4. Weekend Class
    PowerScore LSAT Review features a weekend course as a special feature. It is aimed at those who have very limited preparation time or who have done most of the LSAT prep already and want a quick review prior to the LSAT. The weekend course has a duration of 16 hours, which are completed over two weekend days. You will have the option of taking an additional 19 hours of online sessions, if you feel you need them. The syllabus is comprehensive, considering that it is a weekend course, and includes 9 practice LSATs, and detailed feedback from the instructor for the homework assignments. The price is $395.

  5. Advanced classes are available for tackling specific sections of the LSAT such as the logic games and logical reasoning.

PowerScore also offers help with the application process to law schools by completely evaluating and helping you to prepare your personal statement and getting you ready for the interview. PowerScore LSAT Review, with its large number of options, the high quality of the course material and competent instructors, is one of the best choices you can make to help you prepare for the LSAT. It is available at www.powerscore.com/lsat

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