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Why is prep from PowerScore preferred?

LSAT comprises five sections namely the Analytical Reasoning section, the Reading Comprehension section, the Logical Reasoning section, the Writing Sample section and the Unscored Variable section. The first three sections add up to the total score after evaluation and the Writing Sample section's answers are sent to the law schools you apply for. The Unscored Variable section will have questions necessitated by the LSAC to test new questions for future test papers. The LSAT is evaluated based upon raw scores, which are the number of correctly answered questions. The raw scores are then equated correspondingly on a scale of 120-180 with 180 being the maximum attainable score. The average LSAT scores of students taking the test range between 145 and 155. To secure admission at an excellent law college, you should score as high as 168-175. For this, you require a rigorous preparation and strategic planning. PowerScore is one such successful institute that provides students aspiring for law a great prep experience that will eventually help you score exceptionally high.

PowerScore Prep

PowerScore prep provides prep service for competitive exams that helps students across the world realise their dream of achieving high scores in competitive tests like the GRE, GMAT, and LSAT etc. It was established by Dave Killoran in the year 1997 and since then has been competitive in the business of prep providence. They claim and promise to deliver the highest educational standards and put in an effort on par with the top most prep companies to help their students achieve their targeted scores. PowerScore LSAT class is also highly regarded among the law aspirants' circles. You may visit the official website of the PowerScore to know more from the following link:


PowerScore Prep Options

At PowerScore, you will have the advantage of selecting from the many prep options that are available to you. The prep options that are available for you include LSAT full-length courses, advanced courses, weekend courses and virtual courses etc. In addition to the courses mentioned you can avail discussion forums, student help areas etc to clear any doubts.

The full-length PowerScore LSAT class is priced at US $1295 and provides an approximate of 125 hours instruction which includes 64 hours of live lectures, 45 hours of online teaching sessions and almost 16 hours of practice sessions which will be monitored by expert tutors. Refer to the following link to find the comparison between the PowerScore LSAT class and Kaplan and Princeton Review courses in order to understand the value:


Virtual PowerScore LSAT class is priced at US $995 and provides an approximate 81 hours of instruction which includes 36 hours of live lectures, 45 hours of online teaching sessions. The weekend PowerScore LSAT class is priced at US $395 which includes 16 hours of live lectures on weekends. Further, they offer 19 hours of online tutoring sessions which brings the whole teaching hours to 35 hours. The virtual weekend PowerScore LSAT class is also priced at US $395 and includes 16 hours of live tutoring over a period of two weekends. Additionally, 19 hours of online tutoring sessions are provided hence bringing the total tutoring period to 35 hours. Refer to the following link to learn about the Advanced PowerScore LSAT class:


Review LSAT PowerScore Class

The PowerScore LSAT course is a very informative and comprehensive course that can help you achieve the score you have targeted for. They claim to employ instructors who have all scored 99th percentile in original LSAT. Further, they provide you with comprehensive study materials with thousands of official LSAT questions for practice. Those who take online tutoring sessions can have instant access to a large number of recorded and archived lessons. So, depending upon your convenience, make a decision of selecting the right PowerScore LSAT class and prepare well for LSAT.

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