Median LSAT Score

Significance of Median LSAT Score

The Law School Admission test is scored from 120-180. The minimum one can get is 120 and the maximum one can get is 180. Usually there are around 101 questions. Each question is marked equally and a raw score is given. This raw score is then converted into the scoring range of 120 to 180, with the median LSAT score usually being 150. This conversion formula is different for each LSAT test. A person getting 120 does not mean that he/she has got all the questions wrong and a person scoring 180 does not mean that he has answered all the questions right. Generally only after 12-15 right answers, the score moves beyond 120 and even with one or two incorrect answers the score can be 180. A raw score of 99 out of the possible 101 usually will get the person 180.

LSAT Score and Law Schools

By definition median is the middle score. So, the Median LSAT score is the middle value which is usually around 150. Usually more than 50% of students score in the range of 145-159. When one scores between 160 and 165 he/she can get admission into a good law school. Those who have scored 166+ usually get admission into the top 10 law schools.

There is no specific pass mark in the LSAT test. Importance is given to both the GPA and the LSAT score. Each law school has different ways of weighing the LSAT and GPA scores. A formula is used to weigh the LSAT and GPA score and an index score is calculated. Beyond these scores, the student's reference letter and other credentials are also given importance.

Though both LSAT and GPA scores are considered, the LSAT is given more weightage. Thus, if one's LSAT score is higher than the law school's median LSAT score; he/she can get admission even with a GPA that is lower than the law school's median GPA score.

The median LSAT score of the top 10 law schools are given below



Median LSAT Score


Harvard University Law School



Columbia University Law School



Yale University Law School



New York University Law School



University of Chicago Law School



Stanford University Law School



Northwestern University Law School



University of Pennsylvania Law School



University of Virginia School of Law



Georgetown University Law Center


The above table is an indicator of the median scores. Each year the scores differ, that's why the scores are given in a range.

In the LSAT test there is a writing section which is not marked. The writing section is sent to the law school where the student applies. This writing section will carry more weight if the score is just average. If the index score is high, the law school will only just look at the writing sample. But if the score is average a thorough scrutiny of the sample is done. This is so because there will be lots of applications in the average range. The law school then considers the writing sample to differentiate the better candidates.

Admission into law school is becoming more competitive. A recent survey has revealed that there is downward trend in the number of applications for law schools but the applicant pool's index scores are showing an upward trend. The median LSAT score is increasing which means that though there are fewer students applying to law schools their scores are higher. This increasing score is attributed to the rise of the many coaching institutes.

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