LSAT Website

LSAT Website-Your Ultimate Source of Information


A website is usually a collection of web pages containing multimedia content, i.e., text, video, audio and images. Each website has a unique web address known as Uniform Resource Locator or URL through which we search the desired website. Internet contains various websites dealing with various kinds of subjects like education, sports, cooking, travel etc. Most of the websites offer free content, but some require subscription to access the contents.

LSAT Website-Your Ultimate Source of Information

Internet contains various websites on LSAT. Each website offers different kinds of information concerning the test, beginning with registration, preparation and admission details. The information content of websites may differ based on the main purpose of the website. The institutes offering preparation also offer information regarding the examination, but their main purpose is to provide information regarding various preparatory courses. There are some websites which have exclusive content.

Reviews and Links to 3 LSAT Websites

  • AdmissionsDean ( is an website offering free information regarding LSAT. The company is based at 10 Cordage Park Circle, Suite 122, Plymouth, MA 02360. This website has become a popular site among law school applicants because of the various services it offers.
    • Information about various LSAT scholarships- This website has a list of organizations that offer scholarships. By entering your scores and other details about you, you can find the various scholarships for which you are eligible.
    • It provides details of different law schools where you can apply. You will get a few options which you may not have known and thus did not consider for applying.
    • By registering yourself you can know the processing details of your application in the different law schools where you had applied. You can also access information about a friend who had applied along with you.
    • You get a chance to listen to the interviews with law school professors about their experiences.
  • LSAC- LSAT is conducted by the official owners, Law School Admission Council. This Council provides details concerning LSAT in the official website ( LSAC is based at 662 Penn Street, Newtown PA 18940 USA. It is a non-profit organization that conducts LSAT every year for selecting students for the law schools of United States, Australia, Canada and a few other countries. The official website provides everything you need to know about LSAT.
    • This website provides information about what LSAT is and why you should attempt it.
    • Information regarding registration deadlines, how to register and details about test dates and locations.
    • Provides information regarding eligibility for accommodated testing, fee-waivers, scholarships etc.
    • It also provides information regarding various preparation materials for LSAT. Online shopping of some of the best  books can be done through this website.
    • This website also provides the students with access to various forums where they can interact with different law school advisors.
    • The website provides information to not only the current applicants but also to the law schools, prelaw advisors, registrars etc.

    So, the official website proves to be the ultimate source of information-you name it and you will have it.

  • LSATTips ( is another website that acts as an reliable source of information on LSAT.
    • It provides information regarding LSAT that has been collected from various sources including books, law school websites etc. and arranged at one place.
    • The website offers tips for preparation; a study-plan is provided.
    • Different strategies for studying different sections of the test.
    • It provides information regarding various preparatory books.
    • The website also provides details about different law schools.

The Internet is a boon for the students preparing for LSAT. In case of any doubts they have a trusted source to which they can refer. Even though a lot of websites are available on the internet, check with the official website for accurate information.