LSAT Watch

What Is an LSAT Watch and Tips on Buying One

Time is the most crucial factor in the LSAT test. The timing for the test is kept by the invigilator and his/her decision is final. But the invigilator will not be announcing the time now and then. So a timing device is essential to keep track of the time you are spending on a question. Pacing your test is as important as the preparation. Even if you know all the answers, if you are unable to complete the test due to a faulty timing device the LSAT would be a disaster. Thus an LSAT watch is essential.

LSAC allows you to take an analog watch to the test center. LSAC prohibits the use of digital watch and any device with an alarm. If you are found in possession of any of the prohibited items, you may be penalized or dismissed form the center. Thus selecting an LSAT watch is very important and you need to be very careful.

A regular watch is used by some of the test takers but there are a few drawbacks in using it.

  • Before each section, you have to set the minute hand of the watch at 12
  • You have to calculate the time left in a section since a regular watch is set to the country's timings.

Due to the above 2 problems, you may end up losing a few seconds. Each second is important in the test. To overcome these problems, LSAT watch is available.

The LSAT watch is specially designed for the LSAT test. It is an analog watch with a rotating bezel. The watch face has only numbers 0 to 35 (in multiples of 5) since the duration of each section is 35 minutes. There are now many companies selling the LSAT watch.

  • The 180 Watch -

    This watch helps you to measure 35 minutes on an analog watch in a very simple way. It has a rotating bezel. The watch's hands will remain still when it is not in use. The minute hand will be at the "0" position and the second counter will be at the "60" position. All that you have to do to start the watch is to press the start button. It will tick once every 2 seconds. Until the top button is pressed for a second time, the clock will continue to move till the 35 minute mark. Once the 35 minutes or one section is over the watch can be reset and with the press of the top button the next 35 minute session can be started. The watch does not make any noise. The last 5 minutes is marked in red to enable you to work faster. The watch is priced at $49. If the watch is ordered 2 weeks prior to a test the shipping and handling charges are free, else $7 will be charged.

  • LSAT Watch -

    This watch is best for effortless pacing of your LSAT test. The dial starts reading from 35 and moves down to 0. The time spent on subtraction to arrive at the time left is also not there. You can look at the watch and know how much time is there. The maker of this watch will customize the watch to your needs like different color coding for timing each of your subsections. Working with the watch is also very simple; all that you have to do is set the hand at 35 before the start of the test. The watch can be placed on a tripod on the table. The inconvenience of wearing a watch during a test can also be reduced. This watch is now being used by 4 prep classes. It is priced at $26 with case and $24 for a watch without a case.

  • LSAT Timer -

    This LSAT timer analog watch also has the timer from 35 to 0. It is priced at $19.99. Color coded display is available and the battery has a long life.

    Whatever the timer you use for the LSAT test, make sure that you use it in at least 3 mock LSAT tests. Be familiar with the LSAT watch usage before the test to have the complete benefit of the watch.

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