Points To Remember While Choosing A LSAT Tutoring Service

The Most Preferred LSAT Tutoring Options

LSAT is a difficult examination and preparing for it is an equally daunting task. Thus, enrolling for a preparatory course is a good idea. However, candidates preparing for LSAT are often faced with time and travelling constraints. For them enrolling into an online preparatory course is a good option. Online tutoring is offered by many institutes. But, before enrolling in a course ensure that it meets most of your requirements. Some features of good online courses are discussed in the following section.

Features of Online Tutoring Courses

There are a number of institutes offering online courses. Some of the common and most important features of these are as follows:

  • The course that the institute teaches should be comprehensive, since you have enrolled into an online course because you have time constraints.
  • The instructors should be highly qualified and skilled so that they can identify your weaknesses easily and help you overcome them.
  • It will be an added advantage if the institute allows one-on-one interaction with your tutor, outside classroom.
  • The study materials they provide should be tried and tested ones, since you will have to follow them closely while preparing for the examination.

The online course that you enroll in must have the above mentioned features. Any other additional help like counseling you to select law schools or helping you with writing your personal statement are added advantages. Some of the institutes offering good online courses are discussed in the following section.

Some Online Tutoring Services for LSAT

There are a number of institutes in the market that offer such courses. The most well known among they are as follows: The courses offered by each of these institutes have some unique features. The course that meets most of your requirements is the one you should enroll in. The salient features of the online courses offered by each of these institutes are discussed below.

Review of Some of the Online Courses

Power Score Test Preparation has been preparing candidates for LSAT since 1997. Although, their online course is a fairly recent addition yet, it is a well sought after course. Power Score offers different types of online courses which are as follows:

  • 81 hours of virtual classes comprising 36 hours of live online lectures and 45 hours of recorded lectures. The cost of this course is $995.0.
  • If time is a major constraint for you then you can enroll in their weekend online course. This course comes at a price of $395.0 and consists of 16 hours of live online classes and 19 hours of recorded lectures.
  • Power Score also offers one-on-one sessions with their online tutors. This is of great help if you feel you need personal attention.

Thus, the courses offered by Power Score are not only designed to meet all your requirements but are competitively priced also. The study materials used by Power Score tutors are included in the course fee. Hence, if you want to prepare for LSAT elaborately yet within a short span of time the online course offered by Power Score is a good option.

The online tutoring course offered by Testmasters, is exactly like their live classroom course. Their course is competitively priced at $899. The features of their online course are as follows:

  • The online instructors teach the same course materials as taught in the classroom sessions.
  • They hold a number of practice sessions in which you have to solve 67 original LSAT question papers. Course coordinators of Testmasters insist that they are the only institute that offer such practice sessions.
  • They offer online tutor support for candidates who feel they require personal help.

Hence, if practice and good study materials are your main requirements then Testmasters online preparatory course is the best option.

The online course offered by Princeton Review is another good option if you are looking for skilled tutors. An important feature of their course is that they customize the course based on your requirements. Moreover, the course materials they provide are included in the course fee that you pay. Princeton Review employs skilled and experienced tutors, who will take personal interest in your preparation. Hence if you require personal attention, the online tutoring course offered by Princeton Review is the best option for you.

However, before you enroll in a course ensure that it meets most of your requirements. Thus, study the facilities offered by each of the institutes and then enroll in one of them and start preparing for LSAT. After all, preparation is the most important element required to succeed in the examination.