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Time Limits on Each Section and Regulations Regarding LSAT Timers

LSAT is a test designed to test your speed, the speed at which you can arrive at the correct answer. If given enough time, everybody can answer all the questions. But, LSAT is designed in such a way that you have to derive the logical conclusions and analytical reasoning in the limited time span. It is advantageous if you practice with the help of a LSAT timer from the beginning itself. LSAT timer helps you to keep track of the time that you take in solving each section. In the initial days of preparation, when you are learning the concepts, you can learn them without a LSAT timer. But, when you are finished with the preparations and are ready for the practice tests, use a LSAT timer. Most of the prep courses and online courses use LSAT timer.

Time Limits on Each Section and Regulations Regarding LSAT Timers

LSAT is a timed test which consists of 5 sections of 35 minutes each, along with a writing sample which does not add towards your score. One of the five sections is an experimental section which is also not included in your scores, but you have to attempt the section. The time limits of LSAT indicate that you have to sit continuously for the first 3 sections that means for a total of 105 minutes. This is followed by a 10-15 minutes break. The fourth and fifth section is of 70 minutes, followed by the writing sample of 35 minutes.

Each section consists of about 24-26 questions. This means that on an average a candidate gets 1minute and 25 seconds to answer a question in a section. In the allotted time you can attempt the questions of only that particular section. You cannot finish one section and start with another section in the allotted time schedule. Use the time wisely to select the correct answer. In case of confusion, use the elimination strategy to rule out the wrong answers. LSAT does not include negative marking, so, never leave a question unanswered. A random guess may sometimes provide you with a score. LSAT allows a break of about 10-15 minutes between the third and fourth multiple choices sections. The examiner will give a signal 5 minutes before the end of each section.

Logic games or Analytical reasoning consists of about 24 questions which are provided as 4 sets of games that need to be answered in 35 minutes. Logical reasoning consists of two sets, each containing 24-26 questions with a time limit of 35 minutes. Thus, logical reasoning takes the maximum amount of time, 70 minutes. Reading comprehension consists of about 27 questions which are provided as 4 passages with a time limit of 35 minutes. Writing sample requires you to write an essay in a time limit of 35 minutes.

While practicing, set your LSAT timer to 35 minutes and attempt the test. At the end of the time limit, stop the test and see how much you were able to attempt. This gives an idea about how much time you spend on solving a particular type of question. Your speed can be gradually increased with constant practice.

On the day of the test LSAC allows you to bring an analog wrist watch to be kept for LSAT timer, no other electronic device is allowed. The LSAT timer that you bring to the examination hall should not create disturbance in the hall with its alarm. It should only serve the purpose of acting as a LSAT timer, nothing else. In case of any irregularities, your LSAT scores may be cancelled.

Practicing with LSAT timer helps you increase your speed. This helps in attempting maximum number of questions in the limited time on the test day, thus increasing you LSAT score.

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