LSAT Testing

LSAT testing is designed to help the law schools to judge all the candidates, applying for admissions, for their abilities in reasoning and written English. Since all candidates come from around the world, their under graduate GPA's can not be compared. LSAT testing provides a standard measure to judge the candidate for his reasoning abilities. Apart from this it indirectly prepares him for the basic reasoning abilities required for the successful completion of law studies.
LSAT is conducted on a large scale by the LSAC. Therefore, the organizers have a set pattern and strict rules about the conduct of LSAT testing. Generally, the test is conducted on Saturday morning from 8.30 am onwards. LSAT testing is conducted in a paper pencil format.

LSAT Testing Schedule

The LSAT testing schedule starts with the candidates registering for the exam. One can register for the exam via mail, phone or online. LSAC provides certain deadlines for the registration of the exam. If you miss these deadlines then you need to pay late fees for the registration. The LSAT testing schedule is managed by LSDAS (Law School Data Assembly Service).
On registration you get an exam ticket which you need to produce at the exam center. Along with this you need to show identity proofs also. Everyone is expected to follow the strict LSAT testing center procedure. The LSAT exam ticket contains information about the LSAT testing procedure. Apart from your exam ticket and identity proofs, you are allowed to carry certain items inside the exam hall. They include writing materials and a clear water bottle of around 4 liters. The LSAT testing schedule includes instructions regarding the exam center procedure. You can go to the restroom during the exam with prior permission from the exam supervisors. However, you can not make up for the time you spent outside.
LSAT testing contains six sections. Five of these sections are with questions based on multiple choice answers. The sixth section is on writing essays. There are total 101 multiple choice questions making the scores 101 the maximum. It is called a raw score which is then converted into the final scale of 120 to 180. It has two sections on logical reasoning. The remaining three sections are the Analytical reasoning, the Reading Comprehension and the Experimental section. From your LSAT testing schedule only four sections are used for counting your scores. The Writing section and the Experimental section are not used for counting your scores. Each multiple choice answers based section has 24 to 26 questions with 35 minutes to solve them. The Essay writing section is allotted 30 minutes.
Once you have taken the test, the result processing is done by the LSDAS. If you have taken a membership of LSAC, you get your scores online. The scores are sent by LSAC on your postal address. One can also call up the LSDAS and find out his results by paying certain fees.
The LSAT testing schedule also includes options for re scoring of your scores. You need to send an application to LSAC in a stipulated time frame. The authoritative information about the complete LSAT testing schedule can be found out from the official web site of LSAC i.e.

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