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Test Techniques

Preparation Time

LSAT requires special efforts on your part to prepare. Therefore you must decide on a particular LSAT attempt only when you have sufficient time for preparation. On an average LSAT Exam Preparation requires minimum three months.


The next thing is about knowing the pattern of the exam. As we have mentioned above it is a test of your aptitude and the scored sections are based on multiple choice questions. It is not about cramming. So, you must learn the techniques of solving multiple choice questions during your LSAT Test Preparation. One more thing to note here is that LSAT questions do not have any hidden meanings or tricks to fool you. You should take the direct meanings of the questions and solve them.


There are various techniques to solve such question papers. The ultimate goal is to come to the right answer quickly. So, you can adopt any method for that. Sometimes you may not come to the right answer quickly. There you can apply the method of elimination. By this method you should aim for the wrong answers first. Remember, out of five answer choices only one is right. The rest of the answer choices will be either logically or factually incorrect. Some of them might be totally irrelevant from the context of the question. You can straightaway discard these choices and narrow your search for the right answer. Once you practice these methods during your LSAT Exam Preparation you can be rest assured that you can attempt most of the paper.


LSAT does not have negative marking. That means the wrong answers do not affect your scores in any way. Your score is purely the reflection of your right answers. So, one should not spend much time on tough questions. Instead, you should quickly make an intelligent guess about the right answer and move on. You should also keep aside around five minutes of your time towards the end of the exam for just marking leftover answers. In your LSAT Exam Preparation you should deliberately practice for this aspect.

Time Management

LSAT is a test of your speed. It is about how fast you can read the lengthy and complex statements, correlate them with the questions and select the right answer. Each of the sections of LSAT is individually timed. The time allotted for each section is generally not enough. One gets at the most two minutes of time on an average to answer each question. Therefore during your LSAT Exam Preparation you should practice solving the test paper in exact time conditions. All the questions of LSAT are scored equally. That means a tough and lengthy question has equal weight as compared to an easier one. Therefore there is no point in spending much time on a tough question even if you are confident of getting the right answer. Getting the right answer for one question and losing on valuable time for other questions is not worth.


Lastly, no one gets top scores without practice. Unless you practice you can not tune your mind and body for LSAT. Your LSAT Exam Preparation should make you practice so well that during your actual test you should be at ease. With enough practice you know how to mark the answer sheet, how to read a question paper and how to concentrate on the key information in every question.


The sheer number of students attempting LSAT is so high that you are really competing against a huge crowd. Most of these people are quite serious and prepared for the test. If you have the right kind of motivation to join your dream law school and if you undergo a good LSAT Exam Preparation then nobody can stop you from getting selected. Just plan your LSAT Exam Preparation smartly and follow it rigorously.

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