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Want to prepare for LSAT (Law School Admission Test)? If yes, then you are at the right place for the information required. LSAT test has become a very important exam since hundreds of students all over the world take this exam every year. You cant miss it if you wish to join any ABA (American Bar Association) approved law school in the US or Canada. Most of the non ABA approved law schools also make it compulsory for you to take this exam. The number of LSAT test takers is so high that the LSAT organizers have no other option but to make it difficult. When we say difficult it is not with respect to the subject pattern as such but in terms of achieving high scores. LSAT Test Preparation is mandatory for understanding the pattern of LSAT. You can not get a good score unless you plan your LSAT Test Preparation well. LSAT is primarily the test of your skills, therefore proper techniques is what you must learn during your LSAT Test Preparation. Knowing the LSAT pattern, understanding of individual sections in depth, developing test taking skills and lots of practice is what you learn at any good LSAT Test Preparation course.

Know the Test

LSAT is conducted by LSAC (Law School Admission Council) which is an American organization. It aims at checking your aptitude in reasoning and reading. It is in no way a test of your undergraduate GPA. It consists of five sections based on multiple choice questions and a writing test. Two sections are based on logical reasoning, one on analytical reasoning and one is based on reading comprehension. The fifth section is an experimental section which is not scored. It is called experimental because it aims at evaluating questions for the future exams. Each multiple choice based section consists of 24 to 28 questions and the complete paper contains 101 questions in all. Each of these sections is allotted 35 minutes and the writing section is given 30 minutes. Thus the total test is four hours long, including a couple of short breaks in between. More up-to-date information can be found at the official web site of LSAC (

The Logical Reasoning section is designed to test your abilities to judge a given statement and draw conclusions from it logically. The Analytical Reasoning section is based on logic games and puzzles. The Reading Comprehension section requires you to read a lengthy and complex text and then find out answers to the questions asked. The writing essay section aims at testing your skills at written English and how well you can put forward your ideas.

Preparation Methods

LSAT is undoubtedly important. Therefore you will find a number of methods for LSAT Test Preparation. Apart from self study you can enroll for any course online or at a coaching institute. You can also appoint a special tutor for yourself. You will find a lot of information in this regard from law journals as well as online.

Self study

LSAT Test Preparation can be done all by yourself. You need the right kind of self study material. You can get books at bookstalls or buy them online. There are lots of web sites where you can place orders for these study guides. Some of these web sites are:

Coaching Institutes

Lots of coaching institutes are available for LSAT Test Preparation. These institutes offer you specialized coaching under the guidance of experienced teachers. They provide you with study materials specially designed for LSAT. At coaching institutes you can practice solving sample test papers under the actual time conditions. The classroom environment keeps your motivation levels high. You can find out about these institutes from your friends, magazines or online. One of the leading coaching institutes is Kaplan and you can find more information at

Online Courses

Online courses are also one of the good ways of LSAT Test Preparation. Here you have to just register yourself for a particular course by paying a certain amount of fees. Online courses also give you electronic versions of study materials and the sample test papers. One can pay by his credit card for this. Some of the famous online course web sites are:

Private Tutor

One can also appoint a private tutor for LSAT Test Preparation. They are the people who are well experienced in preparing students for aptitude tests like LSAT. A private tutor can give you undivided attention and make you study regularly for your test. A private tutor can pinpoint your mistakes and shortcomings and keep your efforts streamlined.

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