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Now that we have all the materials available with us let us see how to prepare for individual sections of LSAT. One should give equal importance to each section. The Logical Reasoning Section contributes to half of the maximum score since it has two sections in it. Here every question is based on an argument with five answer choices. Different types of questions are asked in the Logical Section. Some of these types are assumption, weaken/ strengthen, conclusion, role of fact, flaw etc. During your LSAT Exam Prep you must practice solving all types of questions. LSAT Exam Prep should make you able to identify the type of question asked during the actual LSAT test.

The Analytical section is based on logic games. It requires you to make use of a set of rules in a certain situation and find a solution for it. Your LSAT Exam Prep should include practice on logic games and solving puzzles. One may find logic games and puzzles anywhere from books, magazines or even newspapers.

The Reading Comprehension section requires you to read a passage which is lengthy and complex. You need to correlate facts with the assumptions made and conclude logically.

An Experimental section is based on either logical reasoning, reading comprehension or analytical reasoning. Therefore LSAT Exam Prep on these sections automatically covers preparation for the Experimental section also.

Lastly, an Essay section is designed to test your written English and ability to organize a given idea logically. Practicing essay writing is the only preparation method for it. During your LSAT Exam Prep you should read articles like editorials or passages by good writers. You must analyze the writing skills of these people. You should study their skills of using facts or information to best describe their opinions.

Test Techniques

LSAT is not a test of what you have studied so far nor is it an exam of proving your undergraduate GPA. Instead, it is a test of your abilities to make use of the given information to arrive at the correct answer. This means that you have to build your proficiency to solve the LSAT paper in the best possible way. For this, during your LSAT Exam Prep you must learn tricks to solve questions speedily. You must practice solving multiple choice questions during your LSAT Exam Prep with the help of shortcuts like an elimination process. It is a method of finding out wrong answer choices and excluding them. Negative marking is not used in LSAT. So, you must attempt all the questions, whether you know the answers to them or not. You must practice solving easier questions first and the difficult ones later. Also, one must practice spending only about two and a half to three minutes for difficult questions. If you need more time then leave such questions for guesswork. During your LSAT Exam Prep you can practice keeping some time reserved in the end of the exam for marking leftover answers with guesswork.


LSAT is a skill testing exam and top scores at LSAT is only possible when you plan your LSAT Exam Prep at least three months before the actual exam. Obtain whatever guidance you can from friends, coaching institutes or online and collect adequate LSAT Exam Prep material. Practice religiously and take ample amount of mock tests to ensure your best attempt at the day of LSAT test.

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