If you wish to become a proud graduate from a top law school in the US or Canada, then you can not avoid LSAT (Law School Admission Test). Top scores at LSAT can only make your dream come true. Getting good LSAT score is only possible with proper LSAT Test Prep. Good LSAT Test Prep can assure you of a satisfying attempt at the test. Quality and amount of LSAT Test Prep will directly affect your LSAT score. So, plan your LSAT Test Prep very seriously.

Any preparation will start from knowing about a task. So is the case with LSAT Test Prep. You must have complete know how about LSAT. LSAT is a standardized entrance exam and is conducted by LSAC (Law School Admission Council) four times in a year in hundreds of colleges all over the world. It is like any other aptitude test but with a slightly different pattern and layout. LSAT test consists of six sections. It is based on multiple-choice questions. Out of these only four sections are scored and the LSAT Scores vary on the scale of 120 to 180. There are two sections based on logical reasoning and one each on analytical reasoning, reading comprehension, essay writing and experimental section. Essay and experimental sections of LSAT Test are not scored. Each section is made up of about 24-26 questions. The time given for the Essay section is 30 minutes and for the others it is 35 minutes each. It is about a three and a half hours long test.

LSAT Test Pattern

Let us now know the pattern of LSAT test paper. As mentioned above it is a multiple choice questions based exam with around 100 questions. Each section is timed, thus allotting approximately one and a half minutes for each question. But all the questions are not of the same difficulty level. Also for wrong answers you do not lose any marks.

LSAT Test Prep Methods

Your LSAT Test Prep should start once you have decided on a particular attempt of LSAT. This decision is very much necessary to chalk out your study plan as per the time and resources available to you. Registration for LSAT is mandatory and one should finish it off as soon as possible so as to focus oneself towards preparation. There are four options for LSAT Test Prep. They are coaching institute, an online course, a private tutor and self study.

One may join any of the prominent coaching institutes which offer LSAT Test Prep. Here you get a good amount of study material for each of the sections of LSAT. This material covers the complete syllabus in detail and contains information about every kind of question. Coaching institutes also give you sample papers to solve. Instructors at such institutes are well experienced and can streamline your efforts. They can help you overcome your weaknesses. Peer groups at coaching institutes give you a motivating environment to study. The best advantage of joining a coaching institute is a chance to take a number of mock tests on LSAT. Such mock tests are conducted in exactly similar conditions as will be during the actual LSAT test. Your solved papers are corrected and you get a scorecard along with expert remarks. Such remarks can help you overcome your mistakes and improve on your scores.

The second option of LSAT Test Prep is to subscribe to an online course. There are ample web sites offering prep courses for LSAT. One can get a feedback about the quality of such courses from friends or from online reviews. Once you have registered for such a course, you get soft copies of LSAT study material and sample test papers. Every section is explained in detail with guidance towards how to solve it. Being online, it offers you the benefit of studying at any time of the day convenient to you.

One can also appoint a private tutor for LSAT Test Prep. Such a tutor can give you undivided attention for your LSAT study. He should have a rich experience of aptitude tests especially of LSAT. He can adopt a suitable strategy for LSAT Test Prep which suits you. A tutor can make you practice a number of times for LSAT test and keep track of time for you during such mock tests. He can also keep track of your level of study and improvements over weak areas.

If you do not wish to opt for any of the methods above you can very well prepare yourself by self study. Self study requires you to have a great amount of mental discipline to remain motivated. Your LSAT Test Prep requires sufficient and correct study materials with you. If you do not join any course outside then you need to procure these material yourself. LSAT Test Prep materials are available in various formats. There are special books available in the market designed for LSAT and covering all sections. You can get books on individual sections. These books also include sample question papers. You can also buy these materials online. You may find these materials for free at a number of web sites.

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