LSAT Test Locations

Things to Keep in Mind for Selecting an LSAT Test Location

Once you start preparing for LSAT, you will have to start thinking about registering for LSAT. Registering early for LSAT is very important, since seats are limited in all LSAT test centers. Early registration will ensure that you get a seat in the test center that is most convenient for you. The things you should consider before selecting LSAT test locations are discussed in the following section.

How to Select an LSAT Test Center

LSAT is a very strenuous examination. Thus, the LSAT test locations that you select should allow you to concentrate on the examination, i.e., there should not be any distractions to disturb you. You should consider the following things while selecting an LSAT test center:

  • Before you select your LSAT test center, select the LSAT date, because all centers do not hold all the 4 LSATs that are held in a year. Thus, before you select the LSAT test location, ensure that it holds the examination on the date that you have selected. You can do so by visiting the official website, Otherwise, if you click on the link, you will find more links on this webpage. If you click on them, lists of LSAT test centers will open in pdf formats.
  • Before you finalize the LSAT test center visit all the LSAT test locations in your neighborhood or within 100miles of your residence. Find out the facilities provided in the LSAT test centers of your choice. The LSAT test center that you choose should be located in a quiet area and there should not be any distractions to disturb your concentration.
  • Before you select the LSAT test center check the classroom where the LSATs are going to be held, among the LSAT test locations convenient to you. The examination should be held in a secluded part of the building. Moreover, the neighborhood should be a quiet one. You don't want any loud sounds disturbing your concentration.
  • Moreover, you should check the seating arrangement of the LSAT test locations before you pick out the LSAT test center. You should select a center which seats you in tables and not desks, since desks can be a little cramped.
  • Choose the LSAT test center that is most convenient to you. You do not want to be driving for hours through heavy traffic on the day of your examination! Thus, register early to ensure that you get a seat in the center of your choice.
  • Once you have selected the LSAT test center, try and do a practice LSAT over there. This will help you get acclimatized with the center and its facilities. Your knowledge of the test center will develop your confidence level and provide you with a mental advantage over other candidates.

After you have selected the LSAT test center and LSAT date, lose no time and register for LSAT. Early registration will increase your chances for getting a seat in the LSAT test center of your choice. Some examples of LSAT test centers are given in the following section.

Some LSAT Test Centers

As mentioned in the section above, an elaborate list of LSAT test centers are available on the official website. However, some of the LSAT test centers that you can consider are as follows:

  • If you are from Alabama then the LSAT test centers that you can consider are:
    • Miles College
    • Sanford University
    • University of Alabama, Birmingham
  • If you are from California then the LSAT test centers that you can consider are:
    • University of California, Berkeley
    • California Northern School of Law
    • Whittier Law School, Costa Mesa
  • If you are from Florida then the LSAT test centers that you can consider are:
    • Florida Coastal School of Law, Jacksonville
    • Jacksonville University

If you want an elaborate list of the LSAT test locations then you will have to visit the official website.

Among the LSAT test locations given, select the one that is best suited to your requirements and book a seat there as early as possible. Selection of the LSAT test date and center will also provide the impetus required to prepare for the examination. So, register as early as possible and start preparing for the test.

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