LSAT Test Locations and Timings

As mentioned in the above paragraphs, there are large numbers of LSAT test locations and LSAT is conducted various times in a year in these LSAT test locations. There are certain factors you should keep in mind while selecting the LSAT test locations.

You should always choose an LSAT test location that is very close to your place as it will be easier for you to travel on the date of test. It is recommended that you should register yourself online if possible. This will allow you to find out if seats are available at the LSAT test location of your choice. You can accordingly modify your choice. If it is not possible for you to register online because of any reasons, you are required to give two options for LSAT test locations in your registration form. If the seats are available you will be allotted the LSAT test location of your choice, else you will be allotted the LSAT test location that is nearest to the center of your choice.

These centers are allotted on first come first served basis. Hence you should register yourself at the earliest. You are not allowed to register on the day of test at the center itself. Hence you should register in advance. You should be careful to note the code of the LSAT test location, as because of the wrong code you can be allotted a wrong center.

LSAT Locations and Timings

As mentioned above you are required to register at LSAC for appearing for the LSAT. At the time of registration you should fill the details like your personal particulars, exam center and the date of the exam. You should also make the payment of the fees for LSAT. LSAT is conducted at various LSAT locations in the world four times in a year. The dates for the exam are available on the web site of LSAT. It is important to mention here that the LSAT is not conducted at all the centers at all the four times. Therefore before you make your choice of the LSAT location and time of test, you should check the web site to confirm whether the LSAT is being conducted at that LSAT location at that time. If you cannot appear for LSAT on a Saturday due to religious reasons, it is possible to appear for LSAT exam on a Monday. This however should be specified at the time of LSAT test registration. The LSAT location and time for the test on a Monday may be different than those on a Saturday. Hence you should be careful while selecting these.

If you are staying at a place from where it is impossible for you to travel to a test center listed at the LSAC web site, and you are located over 100 miles from an open, published center, you may submit a request to LSAC for establishing a non-published test center at that location. You must use a paper LSAT registration form to register for a non-published test center. You should call 215.968.1001 or send an e-mail to request a paper registration packet. The time taken to establish and open a new test center would require additional administrative time therefore you should submit your request as early as possible. If you are requesting testing accommodation at a non-published test center, you should submit all the required documentation relating to your disability.

LSAT Locations and Timings: Alterations

There is a provision to change LSAT location or time after paying an additional fee as mentioned above. You may change your test center online at or by calling 215.968.1001 or faxing to 215.968.1277 by the appropriate deadline. You have to produce your registration number and full name at the time of alteration. The best way to make these changes is to make them online. There is a fee associated with changing your test center. You should submit a valid credit card number and expiration date of the card along with your request. The change in test center or date is accepted subject to space and availability at the test center, when you make your request.

If you are sending your request for change of LSAT location or time by mail, you should provide the required information like, your name and address, your LSAC account number and code numbers of your new test center choices (in order of preference), and the code number of the test center originally assigned. You should sign and date your application and also include payment. Fees for the change is mentioned on the web site and the information booklet provided by LSAC. Like the initial request, in this case too if the centers you have requested are filled or closed, you will be assigned to the nearest available center.

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