LSAT Test Dates

All law aspirants, who wish to join law schools in the US and Canada take the LSAT (Law School Admission Test). The LSAT is an aptitude test designed to check your skills in reading, writing and reasoning. It is conducted by the renowned organization called LSAC (Law School Admission Council). The LSAT is conducted throughout the year; however, LSAT test dates are limited. Therefore, your preparation for the LSAT should start by registering yourself for a particular LSAT test date. If you know about the available LSAT exam dates you can plan your preparation accordingly.
LSAT is conducted in the months of February, June, September and December. LSAT test dates are decided by the LSAC. Sometimes LSAT exam dates are not available for the month of September. Instead it is conducted in the month of October. There are thousands of candidates around the world who take this test and apply for admissions to hundreds of law schools in the US and Canada. The conduct of the LSAT, processing the results and supplying the information to the law schools is done by the LSAC. This whole process is so deliberate and enormous that the LSAC has decided on only four LSAT exam dates in each year.
Barring June, the LSAT test dates are chosen on Saturdays. It is conducted between 8.30 a.m. to 12.30 a.m. during these months. For the month of June the LSAT exam date falls on Monday and the test begins at 12.30 p.m. There are places where people can not appear for the LSAT on Saturdays due to religious bounding (e.g. Saturday Sabbath Observers). For them LSAC provides alternate LSAT exam date on the following Monday or Tuesday. Some of the LSAT test dates are as follows:

LSAT dates for 2007 are suitable for the candidates wishing to join law schools in the month of July 2008. Except for the LSAT dates of December 2007, all the other LSAT results of the year 2007 are out and are available on the internet to view. You can study the results to decide about your dream score required for a particular law school.

LSAT dates of 2009 are suitable for those candidates who wish to join law schools in the year 2010. If you are one of those early birds who really want to score high then it is the right time to plan your approach for the LSAT. Multiple LSAT attempts are not advisable as your scores of every LSAT attempt may be averaged while considering your admission to a particular law school. Therefore, you can consider the LSAT dates of 2009 and start your preparation from today.

LSAT Test Dates and Registration

LSAC has a provision for registration in two phases for every LSAT test date. They are the normal registration period and the late registration period. Both these time frames can be found out from the official web site of LSAC i.e. During the normal registration period you need to pay $123 and for the late registration period you need to pay $65 extra. One should register for an LSAT test date in the normal registration period to avoid the late fee. It also increases your chances of getting a test center of your choice. Registration for the LSAT test dates can be done by phone, online or by mail.

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