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Change of LSAT Testing Date

LSAT Testing Date falls on a Saturday of the month. At places where the religious bounding does not allow a candidate to appear for the test on a Saturday, LSAC allows you to take the test on the following Monday. You need to inform LSAC accordingly. If you cannot take the test for some reasons then you have the option of changing the LSAT Testing Date to the successive test date within the current testing year. If the month is February then you can change your LSAT Testing Date to the successive test date of the next testing year. The change of LSAT Testing Date is charged approximately $32. The easiest and quickest way to do this is online. You can send a written request to LSAC at the following address:


Box 2000-T

Newtown, PA 18940.

One can change the LSAT Testing Date by sending an application by fax on the number 215.968.1277.

Cancellation of LSAT Score

Scoring high in LSAT is the only way in which you can get admission in a top law school. So, your endeavor should be to reach that milestone. In case you fail to get near your dream score then do not worry. LSAC gives you a chance to improve your scores. You have two options here. Either you cancel your score or take another attempt. But the point to note here is that scores of all your LSAT attempts are averaged and then reported to the law schools for consideration. Therefore, if you improve on your previous score by four points in the second attempt, then your effective improvement is counted as two points only. So, you should always try to give your best attempt only. If you somehow feel that you may not get those scores or your preparation is not up to the mark then you can cancel your LSAT score and start afresh. Cancellation can be done on the LSAT Testing Date at the test center. The second alternative is to write to LSAC for canceling your scores. Your written and signed application must reach LSAC within six to nine days of LSAT Test Date. You must verify the exact time limit from the official web site of LSAC (

If you do not appear for LSAT on a particular LSAT Testing Date then you can apply for partial refund of your registration fees. This application must reach LSAC within a stipulated time.


Plan your LSAT attempt in such a way that you get enough time to prepare for the test. Your LSAT Testing Date should be such that it allows you to do all the preliminary mandatory work like registration in time. It should be such that it leaves you with ample time for preparation. Also it should be in accordance with your date of joining a law school. All the details in terms of addresses, phone numbers and fax numbers are subject to change. Readers are requested to confirm them from the official web site of LSAC.

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