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The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is a standardized test introduced by LSAC (Law School Admission Council). LSAT needs to be taken while seeking admission into the law schools in the US and Canada. Law schools use this test for assessing the applicants skills in reading, writing and reasoning. These skills are required for successfully completing law school studies and to become a competent lawyer. LSAT is conducted four times every year at hundreds of locations all over the world. Before preparing for LSAT you should know about LSAT Test Dates. This will help you in deciding your LSAT attempt. Once you come to know about future LSAT Test Dates, you can plan for your registration and LSAT preparation.

About LSAT Test Dates

LSAT is conducted in the months of February, June, September or October and December. Except in June this test is conducted between 8.30 a.m. to 12.30 a.m. on Saturdays. But in June LSAT begins at 12.30 p.m. on Mondays. Some of the future LSAT Test Dates are as follows:

Year Month & Date Day Time

2007 December 1 Saturday 8:30 am

2008 February 2 Saturday 8:30 am

June 16 Monday 12:30 pm

October 4 Saturday 8:30 am

December 6 Saturday 8:30 am

2009 February 7 Saturday 8:30 am

June 8 Monday 12:30 pm

September 26 Saturday 8:30 am

December 5 Saturday 8:30 am

Deciding on LSAT Test Date

It is very important to know when to appear for LSAT. Your planning should start from the start of your final year of your under graduation. The process of LSAT is quite lengthy involving lots of activities on your part. So, you must carefully plan your LSAT Test Date. Check from the law school of your choice as to when its curriculum is starting. Your LSAT attempt should be at least four to six months prior to this. It takes around six weeks for your LSAT scores to reach you by mail. Once you achieve your required score you need to do some activities regarding your admission to that law school. These activities take around two to three months. With all these things in mind it is advisable to select an LSAT Test Date in the month of Oct or Dec.

LSAT Attempts

You can take the LSAT test three times in two years. But it is always advisable to take the test once because multiple attempts will only average your scores. Most of the test takers try to give their best in their first attempt itself. For this you have to prepare thoroughly for LSAT. This is only possible with systematic planning, practice and a good approach towards LSAT. A good LSAT preparation with confidence will take you to your dream LSAT score. You can call up the law schools of your choice and know about their expectations about LSAT score and accordingly you can plan your strategy.

LSAT Test Date and Registration

Once you have decided your LSAT attempt and the month in which you wish to take the test, the first step is to do your registration as early as possible. There are three ways to do registration. They are online or by mail or by phone. All the three ways are easy for registration. But you should register at least six weeks before your LSAT Test Date. Every LSAT Test Date has a particular deadline for normal registration. This deadline closes around one month prior to the actual LSAT Test Date. You must register yourself during this period. Normal registration is charged approximately $123. If you somehow miss this period then you can do registration in the late registration period. Late registration starts immediately after the normal registration process ends. The late registration fee is around $65, apart from your basic fees of $123. This late fee is non refundable. The late registration period is around seven days for registration via mail. It is around ten days if you wish to do your registration by phone or online. Late registration can not guarantee you a test center of your choice. Therefore, you are advised to complete your registration in the normal registration period itself to avoid extra payment and for easily choosing a test center. You will come to know about the documents needed for registration from the official web site of LSAC ( You will definitely need some time to collect all the required documents. So, by now you would have understood that registration is a very deliberate process. Anyone would want it to be the last thing on his mind. Therefore finish off with registration so that you can concentrate on your LSAT preparation peacefully.

Most law schools have the registration forms with them. You can send your registration applications to the following address:

Law Services

Box 2000

661 Penn Street

Newtown, PA 18940.

For registration by phone you need to contact LSAC on 215-968-1001.

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