LSAT Test Cost

Costs Involved for Taking the LSAT

The LSAT Test Cost

The LSAT test cost varies for different countries as does the currency in which you are paying. For example, the LSAT test fee must be paid in the US dollars, in the case of the United States, while in Canada the LSAT test fee is payable in Canadian Dollars. This variation has been made for the convenience of the test payer. LSAT test cost is only a fraction of the amount you will spend for admission to a law school. Also, LSAT is much more economical than the other computerized competitive exams that are held. For more details and information you can refer to the following website:

LSAT Test Cost in the US

The registration cost for LSAT in the US is $139. Additionally, you will need to pay the Credential Assembly Service that amounts to $124. Note that this amount is to be paid in US Dollars only and these figures are accurate until the February 2012 LSAT exam. These two costs are the basic LSAT test cost.

Additional Costs

  • Late registration- $68 (remember that late registration had a deadline too that will be mentioned in the website alongside the regular registration deadline)
  • Test center change- $35
  • Test date change- $68 (test date changes are possible with a deadline, which will be mentioned in the website alongside the registration deadlines)
  • Handscoring- $42
  • Score report from a test taken at an earlier date- $42
  • Law school reports- $16 (gives you a general idea of the grades and rankings of law schools)
  • Returned check charges- $35
  • Fees for optional paper copies of LSAT ticket, Activity Updates, LSAT score, as well as Master Law School Report for online account holders- $25
  • Requesting a non-published centre (domestic)- $252
  • Requesting a non-published centre (international)- $335

A non-published centre is a test centre for LSAT which is other than the official test centers that are authorized by LSAT. Non-published centers are disclosed to the test taker in case he/she is fifty miles or more away from any of the LSAT published centers. It is purely for the sake of convenience for the test takers.


The refund policy of LSAC notes that only partial refund is possible on LSAT since there is inevitable processing of registration that takes place once the candidate has registered with LSAT. In case of partial refund of fees, the candidate receives back $48. This refund is possible with the given deadline. The deadlines will be specified clearly on the LSAC website for each test date. If the cancellation is very close to the actual test date, there is little scope for refunds. One can also claim a refund from the Credential Assembly Service if your undergraduate course hasn't begun, no letters of recommendations have been received and no electronic application has been sent to the LSAC for processing. You have to send a request in writing for the cancellation of services before your student account expires and before the refund deadline.

In any case, you may have noticed from the above information that the best way to avoid raising the LSAT test cost is to be on time with regards to submitting your documentation and registration. Once you have created your student account, you will be able to understand what are the exact deadlines that you will be expected to meet. Payment of fees on time will help you reduce the cost and deciding on the exact testing centre (without making changes later) will avoid additional costs with regards to change in location of testing centre.

In case of any other query you can always write to the LSAC or visit their official website, . It is better to be on time with your application in order to save on time and money on your complete LSAT registration.

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