Essential Features Of A Good LSAT Test Center

Where Can You Take the LSAT

Sometimes candidates preparing for LSAT tend to overlook the importance of selecting a convenient center. Selection of the center and registering for the exam is as important as preparing for the examination itself. It is so because the seats in the center are limited and they are distributed among candidates on a 'first come first serve' basis. Hence, if you do not register for the exam as early as possible, you might find all the seats in the test center that you have selected are already occupied. However, before you select a center find out about the facilities it offers. Some essential features of a test center are given in the following section.

Select an LSAT Test Center

While selecting a center there are a number of things that you should consider. Some salient points are as follows:

  • The examination center that you select should not be far away from your residence. If by chance LSAC cannot provide a seat for you in the test center of your choice, then they will give you alternative centers within a 100 mile radius of your area of residence.

  • If there is no published center within 100 miles of your area of residence then you can request LSAC to set up a 'non-published' test center for you. If you avail this facility then you will have to pay the charges for setting up the test center. The extra amount that you will have to pay will be disclosed to you only after you register for LSAT. Before you request LSAC to set up a 'non-published' center for you, ensure that you have the names of an educational institute prepared to hold the examination and of an examiner (who is unrelated to you) ready to be present during the examination, to give to LSAC.

  • Examination is held 4 times (February, June, October and December) in a year. But not all centers hold all the examinations. Thus, before you select the center, ensure that it holds the examination on the particular date that you have chosen.

  • Before you select, visit and check the test center. The test center should be in a quiet neighborhood (preferably an educational institute) and the classroom where the test is held should be in a secluded part of the building. It is better if the testing room is bright and airy. Familiarize yourself with the exam center so that on the day of the test you know where everything is.

While you select a location, see to it that you have taken into account all the afore-mentioned points. The selection procedure can be quite complicated and it is better if you get done with it as early as possible. Moreover, early registration will ensure that you get a seat in the examination center of your choice. Some of the test centers that you can consider are given in the following section.

Some LSAT Test Centers

Since seats are limited you might have to select a center that is far from your residence. If so, then you should make some arrangements so that you don't spend the morning driving to the test center and thereby exhausting yourself. Some test centers that you can consider are as follows:

  • If you are a resident of Alabama then you can appear in any one of the following centers:
    • Auburn University at Montgomery
    • Alabama A&M University
    • University of Alabama Tuscaloosa
    • Spring Hill College
  • If you are a resident of Arizona then you can appear in any one of the following centers:
    • Gateway Community College, Phoenix
    • Phoenix College
    • Arizona State University, Tempe
    • University of Arizona, Tucson
  • If you are a resident of California then you can appear in any one of the following centers:
    • College of Alameda
    • Humboldt State University
    • Western State University College of Law, Fullerton
    • Hayward California State University-East Bay
  • If you are a resident of Maryland then you can appear in any one of the following centers:
    • Morgan State University, Baltimore
    • Arnold, Anne Arundel Community College

Although, this is a small list of all the test centers, yet it is a list of centers where all the 4 exams are held. If you need an elaborate list then click on the following link: . This link will open a pdf file where the names of all the test locations are mentioned.

Hence, as you start preparing for LSAT, ensure that you have selected the assessment center of your choice and then registered in time. Since, selection is quite a complicated process, it is better if you are done with it as early as possible. So, register early for the exam and start preparing for it.