LSAT Test Center

LSAT is a standardized test conducted by LSAC or Law School Admission Council. If you wish to get admission in the law colleges of United States and Canada, you should clear this exam. It measures the talent and capability of students that is required for the studies in a law school. The score obtained by you in LSAT is used as one of the factors by the law schools for the admission.

You can register for LSAT in many ways, namely online using Internet, by phone or by mail, using a paper registration form. It is recommended that in case you desire that you be allotted the test center of your choice, you must register for LSAT well before the deadline. The official web site or the information book provided by LSAC, provides all the details about the dates of exam. In case you want to be sure if a particular LSAT test center has been allotted to you or not, you should do the registration online. In case you have sent your request by mail, you will either be allotted one of your two choices based on the availability. In case you are not allotted a center of your choice, then any center where seats are available will be arranged to you. Though attempt is made that the center that is alternatively allotted is located close to your choice, but LSAC does not guarantee this.

LSAC has organized large numbers of LSAT test centers in the world where LSAT is conducted on the day of the exam. The list of these LSAT test centers has been published on the official web site of LSAC. As mentioned above, the web site also contains dates of the exam and the codes for these LSAT test centers along with the names of LSAT test centers on the web site. You should be careful while selecting LSAT test centers, as LSAT may not be conducted at all the centers on all the dates. The seats are also limited at these LSAT test centers. Hence it is advised that if you wish to be allotted the LSAT test center of your choice, you should register for the test well in advance.

LSAT Testing Center

There are set guidelines and procedures for the conduct of LSAT that are to be kept in mind at the LSAT testing center. This article will try to discuss them in detail. If you are appearing for LSAT you should be aware of the items that are required at the LSAT testing center and those which are allowed to be carried at the LSAT testing center.

You should take the admission ticket provided at the time of registration along with you to LSAT testing center when you appear for the exam. Whether you print your ticket yourself (online), or you receive a ticket by mail, you must take the ticket with you to the test center. In case you lose your ticket there is a provision to print a duplicate ticket online or request for a duplicate ticket by mail. The admission ticket will contain the information about the reporting time, reporting address, test center instructions and test center procedures. The responsibility of reaching the LSAT testing center in time lies with the candidate. The student is generally required to be at the LSAT test center before 8:30 AM in case he is appearing for LSAT in the month of October, December, and February. If you are appearing for LSAT in the month of June, you are required to be at the test center before 12:30 PM. The exact timings are mentioned in the admission tickets and you should refer to them. You should sign your admission ticket and read the information provided. In case of discrepancy in your signature or the certification, LSAC may put a hold on your report.

It is possible that LSAT changes the reporting addresses of LSAT test center before the exam. The intimation of the change is generally sent to the candidate. You will receive the intimation by e-mail but if you have not provided your e-mail address, the intimation may get delayed. To avoid any such case it is recommended that you should check your account at LSAC regularly.

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