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The Best Study Plan for LSAT

LSAT is an examination that is meant for those students who are interested to pursue a career in law by taking admission in the law schools of Canada and United States and several other countries. The test is conducted four times within a year and the test can be taken three times during a period of two years. By taking LSAT, you are able to establish your skills to tackle the complex arguments that are required during the legal proceedings and also for succeeding in law school. However, the score of LSAT is one aspect that is taken into account during the admission procedure of law schools. Although there is no cut-off percentage of LSAT that is devised by the admission committee of law schools, you must aim to score approximately 168-172 for seeking admission in top law schools.

The test includes the following five sections and you should complete answering each section within 35 minutes:

  • Analytical Reasoning

  • Logical Reasoning

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Writing Section

  • Variable Section

The first three sections contain multiple-choice questions and the Writing Section comprises a write up that is provided at the end of the test. The Variable Section is non-scoring and its placement changes with every LSAT.

Significance of a Study Plan for LSAT

A study plan for LSAT can make a lot of difference when it comes to getting good scores in LSAT. In short, disorganised or aimless preparations will never allow the LSAT applicants to get good scores or fulfil their academic goals. On the other hand, a properly framed LSAT study plan will help you to understand the format of LSAT, the questions you can expect, and the prep courses or materials that you should use for scoring well in LSAT. It will also allow you to understand the exact approach that you should adopt for taking LSAT. In fact, following a disciplined LSAT study plan is meant to assist you in analyzing your weaknesses and ensure that you are left with sufficient time to work on your weak points. Thus, an LSAT study plan helps you to sharpen your skills and make you feel more confident on the day of the test.

Sample Study Plan for LSAT

This is a sample of a methodical study plan that is universally applicable to LSAT applicants who are preparing for this test irrespective of the prep courses or books that they are using. This plan can also be used by those applicants who have decided to pursue self-study for LSAT. Lets us assimilate this sample LSAT study plan into the following points:

  • The students should complete all the formalities that are associated with LSAT such as registration and choosing dates or centres. This will allow them to understand the exact time that they are left with as far as preparation for LSAT is concerned.
  • The next thing that the students should consider is to emphasize strongly on the strategies for achieving good scores, following the tenets of time management that also includes the ability of the students to complete this test within the stipulated hours.
  • As far as the strategies of this test are concerned, the students should work on each section separately and analyze books for LSAT that comprises of lessons as well as practice tests. Getting one or two books for LSAT at this stage should be a fairly good idea. This is the initial preparatory phase of LSAT and this could take the long as far as far as following a LSAT study plan is concerned.
  • After having spent sufficient time on this phase, LSAT applicants should feel confident about taking this exam. The next point of focus should be working on the weaknesses and this is a tough job that requires lot of hard work. For instance, if a student feels less confident about the games section, he/she can use relevant study materials that focus on this aspect.
  • A sample LSAT study plan will remain incomplete without proper review and in this phase, a student should ideally take the preparatory course that consists of practice tests that are taken under real conditions. In short, it is useless to join a classroom session or online course aimlessly. Taking one or two of these tests regularly should benefit the students.
  • Lastly, it should be remembered that each student has a different capability of learning and grasping lessons. Therefore, the idea should be to prepare an LSAT study plan and make changes according to convenience and efficiency.


A study plan for LSAT is required by each student who wants to succeed in this test as it allows most of them to assess their requirements and they are able to evaluate their preparation level and understand what works best for them with respect to LSAT.

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