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LSAT Study Guides for Comprehensive Study

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Study guides form an important part in any kind of preparation. Each concept is explained in a detailed manner. The explanation is followed by practice questions which help in understanding the concept more clearly. The study guides usually act as a medium for comprehensive study.

LSAT Study Guides for Comprehensive Study

LSAT study guide is an important factor in the preparation for LSAT, especially if you are opting for self-study. LSAT study guide presents the difficult concepts in a simple language, thus making it useful for all categories of students. A good study guide explains the concept as a whole rather than taking a question and explaining. When a concept is clear to you, then you can take any kind of question related to it.

LSAT study guide is available for all the sections of LSAT. An LSAT study guide prepares you with different strategies for solving a particular problem. The problems are explained with the help of diagrams which helps in connecting easily with the problem. LSAT study guide prepares you on how to select the correct answer from the multiple choices given. It provides time-saving tips and test-taking strategies for excelling in the LSAT.

An LSAT study guide should be selected after careful research. Compare different study guides available and the material that it provides. Select a study guide that can be easily followed and covers all the concepts of LSAT.

Review of 4 Study Guides for LSAT

  • McGraw-Hill's LSAT by Curvebreakers
    This study guide is prepared by the former toppers of the Harvard Law School. It includes 8 full-length practice tests, which are available in a CD-ROM. This study guide includes the personal experience and strategies taken by the authors themselves to get a top LSAT score. The availability of online practice test helps in attempting the practice test again. This study guide gives each question its importance and explains them in-depth.
  • Barron's LSAT: Law School Admission Test
    This study guide is prepared by the most experienced authors, who are in the LSAT teaching field for years. It provides five full-length practice tests. Each practice test is fully solved with the appropriate explanations. This study guide includes a diagnostic test, which helps in knowing your strengths and weaknesses before beginning the actual preparation. Each section is carefully explained and accompanied by the necessary test taking strategies.
  • Prep 101's Master the LSAT Study Guide
    This tutoring institute provides several study guides for a comprehensive study. The study guides are available for Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension. It also includes 5 full-length practice tests and 10 actual LSAT prep tests. A home work book and a classroom companion are also provided. The concepts are explained in a simple and step-by-step manner.
  • Master the LSAT by Jeff Kolby
    This is an excellent study guide for LSAT preparation. It includes 4 full-length previous LSATs. This makes you familiar with the exact pattern of the original LSAT. All the questions are explained in detail, diagrams are included wherever necessary. It also includes LSAT test prep software which helps you in attempting a practice test in the Mentor mode as well as in the Test mode.

Importance of LSAT Study Guide

LSAT study guide prepares you to identify similar concepts from a set of confusing facts which are purposely included in the LSAT for misguiding you. It helps you in organizing the facts systematically to arrive at the correct answer. LSAT study guide provides you with different approaches to solve a particular problem, thus sharpening your creative thinking skills.

Thus, LSAT study guide not only prepares you for excelling in LSAT, it also prepares you for the law schools. The skills that you learn through LSAT study guide will help you in your profession as a lawyer, while solving a particular case.

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