LSAT Study Courses

LSAT Study Courses That You Can Access Anywhere

Different options are available for LSAT preparation. Self study, online courses, live classes are some of the options available. For those who travel a lot or do not have a fixed schedule enrolling for a live class may not be feasible. For such individuals the institutes coaching for the LSAT test offer courses which can be taken from anywhere. All that you will need is a computer with an internet connection.

Online Classes

An online class is a virtual class. Many institutes offer these online classes. In this, the classes are taken via internet and is one of the best options of LSAT study courses


Accessing the classes and material from anywhere is the biggest advantage in online classes. For the online classes you can fix your own schedule. You can adjust the classes according to your other commitments

Blueprint, Kaplan Test Prep, PowereScore are few of the companies that offer LSAT study courses that you can take from anywhere.


The best option for those who cannot enroll in a live class is the Blueprint’s Online LSAT Course. Each topic is divided into chapters and segments. So as and when you get time you can log in and study one chapter or one segment. They also offer a 60-hour animated video with this course. The course is taught by the Blueprint founders Matt Riley and Trent Teti. Trent Teti scored a 174 on the LSAT and Matt Riley scored a 179 on his LSAT. So Blueprint offers the best instructors for their online course.

The course also includes written and video explanations for all the homework problems. To emphasize important concepts they have online drills. To help you identify your strengths and weaknesses detailed practice exam scoring is done. They also administer 8 extra exams with detailed explanations. You also get email access to instructors. The question will be answered within 24 hours.

Kaplan Test Prep

Kaplan offers 3 different types of LSAT study courses that you can take from anywhere.

  1. LSAT Advantage Anywhere-This is a live online classroom course. This can be taken up by students who want to complete LSAT preparation in a concentrated time amount. This is an instructor led course and it is very similar to a live class but the classes can be taken from anywhere. You can work around your already existing schedules. You receive individual attention and motivation from the instructors. 4 proctored official LSAT practice tests are included in the course.
  2. LSAT On Demand-If you are looking to prepare for LSAT at your own pace, this is the best course. The complete and comprehensive LSAT course by Kaplan is delivered online in this course. Targeted, audiovisual instruction and a rigorous LSAT testing is the highlight of this course. You will also receive personalized reports of your tests.
  3. LSAT Logic Games On Demand-If you are finding the logic games section of the LSAT test very difficult, you can take up this specialized course. It offers over 15 hours of in-depth and comprehensive instructions and strategies on solving the logic games.


The PowerScore Virtual LSAT Course is one of the LSAT study courses offered by PowerScore, one of the best companies in LSAT coaching. It is priced at $995. The course includes 36 hours of live online instructions and 45 hours of online teaching sessions. Totally the course is of 81 hours duration. If you opt for this course you get instant access to recorded archive of each lesson. The course is taught by 2 of the senior instructors who have scored in the 99th percentile in real LSAT test. The study materials include LSAT questions from real LSAT tests. Extensive analysis of the mock tests is done and feedback is given for you to improve your scores.

Of all the different LSAT study courses available, an online class is best suited for self paced busy individuals.

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