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Time Planning

Once you have decided on a particular attempt of LSAT exam, you need to plan LSAT Study. Good preparation takes around two to four months of LSAT Study. All the sections of LSAT are of nearly the same duration and are for equal marks. Therefore you must prepare all the sections equally. This is true in terms of investment of time also. The Logical Reasoning has two sections. So, you must give twice the amount of time for preparation of it. LSAT exam is around three and a half hours long. You must practice taking mock LSAT tests of exactly the same time duration. This will prepare you mentally to keep your concentration and enthusiasm for the entire duration of LSAT. One must also keep in mind that LSAT does not involve negative marking. Therefore you should not leave any answer blank if you can not arrive at the correct answer. You are free to use guesswork for attempting such questions. Here you are advised not to spend much time on tougher questions but to attempt them in the end. One should keep around five minutes at the end of exam to mark all these answers using guesses.

Study Pattern

Some of the experts say that one should prepare for the LSAT test and not bother much about studying the subjects per say. This is because LSAT test is not a test of your undergraduate knowledge but is of your skills in reasoning and reading abilities. Therefore you must know the test paper format correctly. This way the actual test paper will not be unfamiliar to you. Do your LSAT Study in favorable conditions like in a group or under the guidance of an experienced person. This way you can avoid the common mistakes in LSAT and will save on your time for LSAT Study. Practice is the only mantra for cracking LSAT. Practice all the sections of LSAT. Any logical problem, any puzzle or game is your LSAT Study Help material. Practice reading and understanding complex and long texts. Practice writing essays. Along with the subject details one should also learn the tricks at attempting LSAT test speedily. Using diagrams or sketches can speed up your process of answering to a great extent. Also, learning to eliminate a wrong answer choice helps you to overcome the tight time constraints of LSAT.

Sources of LSAT Study Help

Be selective about the LSAT Study Help that you seek. You must take LSAT Study Help from reliable sources only. Some students prefer to study on their own. However, self-study also calls for some amount of LSAT Study Help in form of study material, or online courses. Others have many options to choose from. LSAT Study Help can be sought from coaching institutes as well as tutors. Sometimes seniors also form a good source of LSAT Study Help.

Performance Evaluation

LSAT is designed to test your aptitude. So before attempting LSAT one must make sure that he succeeds. You can do this only if there is a way to judge the level of your LSAT Study. Sample test papers and mock tests are the means to do that. You are advised to take these mock tests in exactly similar conditions and time constraints. One must also get these tests evaluated from experienced persons. Coaching institutes and online courses provide you with this facility. For those who study on their own or under a private tutor it is a must to get their LSAT Study evaluated with the help of mock tests.

At Exam Hall

You must know an exam hall procedure beforehand like filling in your personal details and filling up of an answer sheet. The answer sheets are to be filled in a particular way with the help of prescribed pen/pencil only. Once you know this you will be totally focused towards the exam.


One can appear for LSAT for any number of times but all your scores are finally averaged and then considered. So, giving multiple attempts of LSAT is generally not advisable. Instead the best of efforts in a single attempt is anytime better. Therefore, start your LSAT Study from the day you decide to appear for LSAT as they say “Well begin is half done”.

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