All ABA (American Bar Association) approved law schools in the US and Canada need under graduate students to take an entrance exam called LSAT. LSAT stands for Law School Admission Test. It is like any other aptitude test and is taken by thousands of students all over the world. Being a single point entry to law schools and due to a large number of students appearing for it this test is quite competitive. Top scores at LSAT test can assure you a seat in a law school of your choice. Only proper LSAT Study can make this thing happen.

LSAT Study should be planned carefully and followed religiously. You must understand what all aspects to cover in LSAT Study. LSAT Study should involve knowing the importance of LSAT, various phases, test paper pattern, time planning, resources, study pattern, performance evaluation, approach towards your LSAT attempt and post exam planning.

Importance of LSAT

Every aspiring law undergraduate as well as those who have already experienced LSAT will understand the importance of this exam. It is a threshold of one of the brilliant careers ahead. LSAT Study becomes a part of the prerequisites for law school syllabus as well as for your law career. So, for a law school entry if you are going to compete with thousands of others and if this is the foundation on which you are going build your law career then one might as well do LSAT Study seriously.

Phases of LSAT

At the start of LSAT Study one must decide on a specific attempt of LSAT test. This test is conducted four times in a year by LSAC (Law School Admission Council) at various test centers all over the world. You need to register for LSAT well in advance and acquire an exam ticket. Once this mandatory thing is taken care of then you can peacefully concentrate on LSAT Study.

LSAT Pattern

LSAT has five sections based on multiple-choice questions. These sections are Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension and Experimental. The Experimental section is based on one of the three other sections. Each section is of 35 minutes and includes 24 to 26 questions. The Experimental section is not given marks and does not account for your final scores. Two sections of Logical Reasoning and one each of Reading Comprehension and Analytical Reasoning contribute to the calculation of LSAT scores. There is one more section on writing to test your skills in written English and presentation. This concludes that LSAT test is a standardized test and one has to do LSAT Study in a standard way.

Section Details

Logical Reasoning section is aimed at checking your skills at analyzing a statement and arriving at a logical conclusion. One must read these statements carefully and understand them clearly. Once you correlate the facts clearly then you can arrive at a correct answer choice for the corresponding question. Analytical Reasoning section is designed to test your skills of application of guidelines or a set of rules to a given situation and arriving at the correct answer. Questions are mostly based on logic games in this section. During LSAT Study one should focus on practicing logic games and puzzles based on ordering and grouping of elements. You can attempt this section easily if you practice making diagrams during your LSAT Study. Reading Comprehension section is aimed at checking your skills at reading a lengthy and scholarly text. You must practice reading and assimilating a rich text. A law professional is required to put forth his ideas in an organized and correct manner. Written communication is a must for this. Essay writing section of LSAT is aimed at checking these skills.


One can make use of various resources for LSAT Study. LSAT Study material in terms of CDs and books are available in the market. They contain the required study material on each section and the sample papers. They also include solutions to these sample tests. There are lots of coaching institutes available for LSAT Study. These institutes give you an opportunity to do LSAT Study under the guidance of experienced people. These institutes provide you with a proper conducive environment for LSAT Study and one can benefit from group study. Online course is another efficient way of preparing for LSAT. Here you get the material for LSAT Study and sample papers to solve. Private tutoring is also a way to prepare for LSAT. This way one can get personalized attention and guidance from an experienced person.

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