LSAT Scoring Scales

LSAT scores are given in a band of 6 points. LSAT results are managed by the service called LSDAS (Law School Data Assembly Service). It is an official service of LSAC. One has to register for LSDAS for receiving his scores. You can receive your LSAT scoring scales via phone or e-mail also. For the online receipt of scores, you need to become a member of LSDAS. This membership is free of cost and valid for five years. This membership offers you other benefits also. Apart from receiving your scores quickly, you can register for the LSAT exam online. LSAT scoring scale is from 120 to 180. Most of the candidates score in the LSAT scoring scale of 140 to 160. The LSAT score bands are formed to group the resultant candidates. This way, if you score 160, you will find yourself in a score band of 157 to 163. This allows the LSAC to fairly represent the performance of the candidates.

How to Interpret LSAT Scoring Scales?

It is very important to understand the LSAT scoring scales. You can make use of LSAT scoring pattern for your LSAT preparation. Let us revise some of the factors as below:

  • Raw LSAT scores are out of 101.
  • Raw scores are converted to the LSAT scoring scale of 120 to 180.
  • LSAT scores are valid for three years.
  • Majority of candidates score in the range of 140 to 160.
  • Top schools may require scores above 170.

With these points in mind you can plan your approach for the LSAT. LSAT does not involve negative marking. Therefore you can freely answer the questions even if you are not sure of their answers. One must aim for LSAT scores above 160 for a fair chance of getting admission to top law schools. If you see the LSAT scoring scales of previous years, you will get a fair idea about the percentile distribution of candidates on the result scale. Percentile ranking of students with a score of 170 is above 90th percentile. If you compare their raw scores, you will find that they would have got very few questions wrong. So, to increase the scores from 170 to 172 you may need to score just one more question correctly. However, for the LSAT scorers in the range of 140 to 160, improvement of scores means a large number of questions need to be solved correctly. Thus, scrutiny of LSAT scoring is useful for LSAT planning.

Where to find for LSAT Scores?

LSAT scores are generally available at various web sites. You can also find out from the official web sites of law schools for their accepted LSAT scores. LSAT scores are valid over three years. Therefore, your LSAT percentiles are with respect to all those candidates who have already appeared for the test over the last three years. Thus, LSAT scoring scale of 2007 is instrumental for comparison of scores from 2005 to 2009. Therefore, if you are appearing for the test in 2008 or 2009, it will be useful for you to study the LSAT scoring scale of 2007. Various web sites and law magazines offer you information on LSAT results. The official web site of LSAT ( also hosts information about the LSAT results. One can also contact the law schools directly or check out their official web sites for the accepted LSAT results.

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