Comparison Of LSAT Scores Percentiles

LSAT scores percentiles may not be the reason that is good enough to get you admission in a law course in a college or university in United States or Canada. Colleges in United States and Canada follow different criterion for admission. All these colleges give different importance to LSAT scores percentiles. There are some colleges that specify LSAT scores or LSAT scores percentile that are necessary for admissions. There are others colleges that compare your LSAT scores with the scores of students from different schools in the country. In such colleges LSAT scores percentile becomes an important criterion for deciding the merit list for admissions. These colleges use your LSAT scores percentile to validate your high school grades as all high school courses have different difficulty levels.

Types Of LSAT Percentile

There are different types of LSAT percentiles that can be calculated. You can have LSAT percentile calculated for each section or you can have LSAT percentile for the entire test. LSAT percentile obtained by you is the reflection of your performance in LSAT. You can have a very good LSAT percentile in one section and a bad LSAT percentile in another. The LSAT percentile in different sections provides an idea about the strength of the student in that particular field.
As mentioned before LSAT scores percentiles for each score is not calculated from data from individual LSAT but from data from the last three years. Since the data for LSAT scores percentiles is taken from a large pool of information, it provides the organizers with stable and accurate LSAT scores percentiles. If LSAC does not follow the above technique LSAT scores percentiles may vary significantly from test to test. As it is clear now that LSAT scores percentiles are not calculated on marks obtained by students in each test, the score of each candidate competes against the scores of students from the three previous years.
It is not easy for various law schools to find out which students will do well in a law course. Therefore they use various criterions to select a student for admission to a law college in United States or Canada. In such circumstances there is no single factor that can assure you a seat in a law college but the two important factors that certainly play a major role in selection of the students is the prior academic performance and LSAT scores percentile. Therefore it becomes clear that LSAT plays an important role in the admission process.

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