LSAT Scores Average

How Far will Average LSAT Scores Take You

LSAT is a systematized examination that is taken by students all over the world for securing admission in the law schools of USA, Canada and several other countries. The test is offered four times during a year in those test centres that are specified by the Law School Admission Council or LSAC. According to the requirements of the law schools, the students should take this test by December to take admission in the succeeding fall season. However, the students can choose to take LSAT earlier also, which will allow them to get more test taking opportunities for improving their scores.

Format for LSAT

LSAT includes five sections of 35 minutes each, out of which three sections are devoted to multiple-choice questions that include:

  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Reading Comprehension

The other two categories include:

  • Writing Section
  • Variable Section

By taking this test, the students are able to express a critical and seasoned approach for tackling the practical and complex arguments of a legal issue.

LSAT Scores and Law Schools

The scores of LSAT is one aspect that is considered by the admission authorities of law schools. In most law schools, GPA or the grade point average of the students is a determining factor as well although the weightage may differ with one school to another. The LSAT is scored in the range of 120 to 180. While 120 is considered as the lowest score, 180 is the highest. Initially, students receive the raw scores that are later converted into the specified score range. The LSAT scores average is 150 although a student should try to get more than 165 for securing admission in top law schools like Harvard and Yale.

LSAT Scores and Law Schools

Harvard Law School, which is a premium institute for studying law courses, does not prescribe specific scores as far as LSAT scores average is concerned or even GPA. The applications of the students are assessed fully according to their parameters and the LSAT score is one factor that helps them to assess the ability of the students to think and analyze without being judgemental. However, the average scores of the students are usually high for those students who get admission in this school.

Similarly, for Columbia University Law School, the system of cut-off scores is not applicable as such. However, the LSAT scores average or median LSAT and median GPA are applicable to every batch of students. If we take previous examples, the LSAT scores average was 172 for the class of 2011. In short, LSAT scores are compatible with the process of admission although the admission decisions are not entirely based on the average LSAT scores and GPA. However, a higher LSAT scores average should help you to make a difference in eligibility when compared to others who are taking this test.

The Relation between Average LSAT Scores and Law Schools

For top law schools, the LSAT application is strengthened by higher LSAT scores average but there is no one factor that carries maximum importance. The law schools weigh the application of the students by reviewing the academic records along with other information that is included in the application along with LSAT scores and GPA. Therefore, the students should try to work on their LSAT preparation or strategies for taking the test before they can expect higher LSAT scores average. The LSAT applicants should remember that getting higher average scores will certainly affect their decisions as far as the choice of law schools are concerned. In other words, lower average scores will push them down as the top law schools will generally consider those candidates with higher scores as more eligible than others although exceptions cannot be ruled out.


Scoring higher average LSAT scores indicate that an LSAT applicant has successfully outscored other applicants and a lower score reveals that the students should try to get better scores in the successive LSAT. However, a student should be an all-round performer for getting admissions in top law schools by taking LSAT although a higher average score will surely help them to move closer to the fulfilment of their academic goals.

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