LSAT Score Range

What is the Score Range for LSAT

Law School Admission Test (LSAT) comprises five test sections that entail questions from the reading comprehension, logical reasoning and analytical reasoning types. In order to create your LSAT score and LSAT score range, first your raw scores are calculated.

How Are Raw Scores Calculated?

  • For every correct answer, one point is allotted to you.
  • Negative marking is not applicable to LSAT i.e. no mark is deducted for a wrong answer.
  • The raw scores thus obtained are converted to a score that is reported to you through your score report.

Once the raw scores are calculated, they are converted to the presentable score that lies between 120 to 180. This is done by the process of equating. This process has the advantage of making your scores valid for other test editions also.

LSAT Score Range and Law Schools

LSAT measures the logical and analytical skills of students along with the reading comprehension skill; therefore, most of the renowned law schools across the world consider the LSAT score as an important criterion along with the other criteria for admission to their law programs. They offer admissions to students based on the LSAT score range that they set as a criterion for offering admissions to the LSAT aspirants. Mentioned below are the LSAT score ranges that some of the paramount law schools consider for offering admissions to students:

Boston University School of Law

Boston University is one of the premier educational organizations in the United States. It offers admissions to students from diverse backgrounds. The student body of this university comprises several international students. The academic statistics of the first year Juris Doctor (JD) students of the law school of this university shows that the median LSAT score that this law school has accepted is 167. In addition, the students who have scored within the LSAT score range of 154 to 175 have been offered admissions to its JD law program. To get information in detail, you can open the link

Harvard Law School

The admission statistics of the first year JD students for the fall term 2011 depicts that the students who have scored within the LSAT score range of 171 to 176, have been offered admissions to the Harvard Law School. The total number of students who had applied for the JD law program was 6,364. However, the number of students who have been offered admissions are 842. If you want to obtain detailed information, you can glance through the webpage

The University of Akron Law School

This university is one of the best universities in the United States that provide supreme law education to students. This law school has not set any minimum LSAT score for providing admissions. However, the admission statistics of the fall term 2011 for the full-time law course depicts that the University of Akron Law School has accepted students who score within the LSAT score range of 152 to 157 and the median LSAT score that this law school has accepted is 155. To get more information, you may visit the link

The above discussion tells you about what is an LSAT score range. Moreover, the discussion also shows that how the LSAT score range is an important criterion for getting admissions to the renowned law schools. The descriptions of the law schools and the score range that they have set for offering admissions to students show that if you have obtained the LSAT score above 160, you have a fair chance of getting admission to one of the prestigious law schools across the world.

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