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Seeking Guidance

Your LSAT study should not be a generic one. It has to be synonymous with your aim of a particular LSAT Score. Top law schools always have a cutoff of a particular LSAT Score. Though it is not a written rule but the limited number of seats in such schools gives rise to competition among the students. So, only the top LSAT Scorers can get admission there. If you want to join one such school then you must secure this expected LSAT Score. You can find out about the minimum LSAT Score required for admission to these schools online. Your friends or peers in your school or coaching institute can give you an idea about this. One can also refer to the teachers of such coaching institutes. Law magazines also publish such information from time to time.

Improving LSAT Scores

Multiple attempts at LSAT are possible. Such re-takes can improve your LSAT Scores. However, LSAT Scores of all such attempts are averaged and then considered during the admission. Also, all your LSAT Scores are sent to law schools for review. One would definitely not want to disclose his poor scores on LSAT. You are therefore advised not to take multiple attempts but instead give the best attempt only once. Still if you are not happy with your present LSAT Score then you can go in for a second attempt. But multiple attempts should be made only when you are very much sure of remarkable improvement in your LSAT Score. If you wish to make your latest LSAT Score accountable for the admission process then you need to first cancel all your previous scores. But canceling of LSAT Score has to be done quickly. You need to send a letter or a signed fax to LSAC asking for cancellation of your LSAT Score. This letter or fax has to reach LSAC within six calendar days of the LSAT test. One can also cancel his LSAT Score on the day of the test at the test center.

Re scoring of LSAT Score

Some of you may get an LSAT Score much below your expectations. You might not believe your eyes and feel that some mistake could have taken place while scoring your answer sheet. All answer sheets are scored by a machine with the help of scanner and software. You could feel that some wise person should have checked and scored your answer sheet. Yes, for all of you there is an option to recheck and re score your LSAT answer sheet. Once you have received your LSAT Score, you can request LSAC for re scoring your answer sheet by hand. For this you need to send a written request with your signature to LSAC. This request must reach LSAC within 60 days of your taking the test. This request should contain your personal detail, LSAT test detail and fees towards re scoring


There are a large number of law schools in the US and Canada. All have some good points and some limitations. Any student aspiring for successful law career would definitely want his degree from one of the prestigious law schools from the US or Canada. You can only join such schools once you have armed yourself with top LSAT Scores. Careful planning, sincere study, lots of practice and one strong attempt will definitely take you to that magic figure of LSAT Score.

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